My Gym – Children’s Fitness Center

My Gym

Who said that gyms are not for everyone? Fitness knows no age or gender. Because even your children can go to the gym too; My Gym is one of the very good fitness centers for kids, it helps you utilize your kids’ hyperactivity and wasted energy in the right place. Why exhaust yourself chasing over them whenever you go out when there is a place that is specially made for them.

Why would you trust them with your child?

My Gym

These are specialized gyms which are led and managed by certified experts who only aim for one thing; giving the best to your children by putting them on the right track. “My Gym helps children develop physically, cognitively, and emotionally.” The programs constructed for your children are developed according to the latest and up to the minute researches so don’t worry about your children, they are in good hands.

They pride themselves for how clean their environment is, as with children all over the place it is a bit of a challenge to keep everything clean and in order.

What kind of classes does it offer?

My Gym

My Gym offers diverse classes that cover all ages; they even have a class for 6 weeks babies. Interesting isn’t it?

Enjoy My Gym’s Cardio, jumping fitness, ballet/jazz, and kickers classes where fun and fitness meet.

“My Gym’s main objectives are to ensure that program ingredients are safe, age-appropriate and optimal for building self-esteem.”

My Gym offers a trial class that is absolutely for free; where you can know all about the programs and attend them yourself in order to guarantee satisfaction.

My Gym

Contact My Gym on:

+20106 508 99 00


15 Abdel Moneim Hafez street (Off El Nozha street), Heliopolis, Cairo

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