Nader Emad Mingles the Art of Ballet with Fitness

Nader Emad LA7

Nader is the founder of Giselle Ballet & Dance Academy. He graduated from the Higher Institute of Ballet, Academy of Arts, Cairo, Egypt, holding a Bachelor degree in the Art of Ballet. He also studied at the St. Polten European Ballet Institution, Austria & the European Ballet Conservatory, Austria. Besides being an experienced professional dancer who has performed and toured with several acclaimed dance troupes around the world, Nader is head of functional training at LA7 gyms, wearing many hats and breaking stereotypes, with passion!

Early Passion 

Nader Emad LA7

Nader started his ballet journey at the age of 7. He went to school just like every kid, then took off to his 6 hours daily ballet trainings, a lifestyle routine he followed until high school and before he took off to Vienna, the city of music and art. Nader studied at the St. Polten European Ballet Institution & the European Ballet Conservatory in Austria. He also performed in the incredible State Opera in Vienna, all before he returned to Egypt at the age 21.

Dynamic soul

“Ever since I was young, I have had a huge passion for sports and competition. I started off at an early age and I never stopped. I believe that sport is for everyone, it provides unlimited benefits regardless of age, gender or physical limitations. “

Back Home 

Nader Emad LA7

“It was challenging, being a male ballet dancer back here, in Egypt. I joined the gym and took training courses for 1 year, but I didn’t like it, nor enjoyed it. It was definitely an experience, but it didn’t make my life as pretty or the energy as vibrant as I would like it to be, so I quit the gym.

I spent 2 years working in the Media production field, it didn’t synchronize with me. It was difficult to have a job that felt so different, I was always an athlete. The environment and the people’s energy in that field do not meet that of athletes, yet I had to work. Although I got promoted, It felt like putting away my 14 years of training, hard work, and passion and just changing my entire life, this did not feel right.”

The Gym and The Giselle

Nader Emad LA7

“While still working in the media field, I joined a gym at Zayed and started training, the fitness manager got inspired by how I worked out and learned all about my history. He admired my story and hired me. The gym, staff, management and clients were all amazing, the environment was an uplifting one, so I quit media and went back to my fitness life, and established my academy in 2018: Giselle Ballet & Dance Academy! Giselle is inspired by the ballerina in the famous ballet “Giselle”, she was breathtaking, in the way she looked and spectacular in the way she danced!”

Falling Apart

Nader developed an immune disease; Still’s Disease, which kept him in bed, at home for 6 months. He had to take lots of medication from immunosuppressants to corticosteroids, as part of his treatment protocol. “I couldn’t move in bed; it was effortful to open a water bottle. When I started to heal and get better, I had to join the military, everything fell apart.

Falling in place, LA7 Gym

Nader later joined the LA7 team. “The best thing that has happened, it is marvelous, at the same time, I worked really hard, and successfully opened more branches of Giselle Academy”. Due to his strong background in both, fitness and dancing, he always like to mix between strength, flexibility, agility and core routines for the best and maximum outcome. 

Nader Emad LA7

“I have a multicultural experience having lived and worked abroad with colleagues from different nationalities and backgrounds. I have tremendous fitness experience having worked with a wide variety of clients through many fitness domains like weight loss, strength and conditioning, injury preventions, endurance training. I enjoy working with a variety of clients whether in a gym setting or outdoors. “

Flying into places

Nader Emad LA7

“My strength lies in my ability to find what works best for each person, cater for their needs, inspire them and push them to be the best version they can be. My utmost satisfaction comes from having a positive impact on people’s lives and seeing their health & confidence grow.”

“If you stumble, make it part of the dance!”

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