Nadine Selaawy, the fervent basketball champion

Nadine Selaawy basket

Early Inspiration 

Born in a basketball family, no doubt Nadine was fed on the love of basketball from a very young age. Her parents and brothers played basketball. “People say, I was born on the court,” says Nadine. “I was amazed with my dad’s success when I was a kid so I wanted to be like him and make him proud.”

The Second Family – Alahly club

Nadine Selaawy basket

Alahly club was a second home to Nadine, who describes herself as ‘Bent El Nady’. Growing up with the team, it was undefeated, a fact that played a special role in her personal growth and character foundation. She has learned to stay hungry while conquering. 

A special moment of her with her beloved team was when she was 17, right before traveling to the States. With the senior team, Nadine won the national league. A special victory to keep her warm in her abroad days that were yet to come.

Soaring in the United States

Nadine Selaawy basket

Before hitting 18, Nadine decided to travel to the USA to pursue her further education while playing in the highest level of competition at the same time. Her freshman year was ultimately challenging. However, she managed to get through the rough patch, and by the end of the season, she was leading the nation as a freshman in scoring, a huge personal achievement. Year 2 and 3 moved one after the other, while in year 4, Nadine broke some school records , becoming the all time 3 pts. leading scorer after scoring 2000 points!

About Last Victory 

Nadine Selaawy basket

About a couple of weeks ago, Alahly team won the Egypt basketball Cup, seizing the cup for the 9th consecutive year. The victory was even more special for Nadine because she earned the top-scorer title, her second consecutive year to earn that title! About the victory, Nadine explains, “It is wonderful to kickoff the season with such a victory. It is the result of the arduous effort of three months of practice.”

With Redbull

About Redbull, Nadine expresses, “I am happy to be in such a great organization like Red Bull; they put all the factors  together to help me reach my peak & give it all on the court.”

Challenges and advice to people

Nadine Selaawy basket

When asked about a hard challenge that faced her, she said, “A hard challenge to me was leaving everything behind when I was yet to be 18 and going to the states to make a statement. It was a very hard decision but I was able to get through it cause I knew what I wanted, and likely, I had the best 4 seasons of my life.”

She advises the young aspirers to stay humble and hungry to become their best version, and to normally accept bad days, because everybody gets them.

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