Nemo Wahby Empowering Moms through Her Wellness Uprising

Nemo Wahby

Nemo (Nermeen) Wahby, has been in the fitness industry for 7 years. The 31 years old athlete is a mother to 1 kid. Nemo started her athletic journey in Befit, at first, she was just an athlete. She found passion in sports, nutrition, and everything in between. In 2015, Ali Mazhar asked Nemo to join the Befit family, and she did!  Ever since then, she’s been coaching in Befit, and now she’s also the head of nutrition. Nemo runs the HER department, which is specialized for women and all their needs, from workout to health and nutrition programs! Let’s dive in Nemo’s journey, and grasp some secrets and tips!

In The Clients’ Shoes

Nemo Wahby

“One of my biggest obstacles is when I got pregnant 4 years ago. I was facing a lot of body image issues. I was supposed to be a fit girl, and I was trying to adapt to my body changes while coaching people. Towards the end of my pregnancy, I was unable to coach because I was limited with the movements I could because of how big my belly had gotten” 

I then had to adapt to motherhood, there were a lot of changes, it was difficult that I had to take some time off from my job, and I really love my job. At the same time, I wanted and tried to get back on track and give my body the fittest comeback I’ve experienced.  I was in my clients’ shoes at that period of my life, whoever was struggling to lose weight, and find time to work-out, I felt their problems, I LIVED their struggle.”

Rise & Empower Her!

Nemo Wahby

“Bit by bit I started to get back on track, and I wanted to devote my job In Befit to focusing women. I started a program” EMPOWER HER”, for women, and I was especially targeting moms. it’s not just fitness, it’s also a wellness program. I wanted to create an environment where moms come to work out and chat together. It’s not just about losing weight, there’s yoga teachings, mobility, healthy nutrition, physiotherapy of mothers’ body changes, child nutrition to learn to feed their babies well, post-partum depression education, and stress management. The goal is to come out of the program feeling better, and having an overall sense of wellness in life and learning how to move forward.”

A Support System

Nemo Wahby

“I hope that my achievement Is that I’ve created a good example for moms and women in general, that you can always get back to your body, even stronger, you can always feel better, and that I created a support system to women, in which I can help them with their fitness and wellness journey, in a safe environment and supportive environment, where they find people going through the same situation, so that they know they’re not alone, because they’re not!”

Fun Is Key to Sustainability 

Nemo Wahby

“Here’s something to all women out there: It’s never too late to be healthier, to look better, to feel better, to move better, and it’s all interrelated, nothing is more important than your health and wellbeing, physical and mental. Find the right equation for YOU, not everything fits everyone. To sustain a healthy life-style you need to enjoy it, otherwise what’s the point of it all?! Find a way to enjoy it, a fun coach, an amazing and wide variety of healthy recipes, a healthy lifestyle never has to be boring!”

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