Nesreen Nagy| Professional Swimmer & Fitness Coach

Nesrin Nagy

Nesreen Hussein Nagy, a 29 years old lady who has graduated business school from British university in Cairo in 2013, has been working in a corporate for 6 years. Now, Nesreen is a fitness and swimming coach, and has been so for the past year and half. “It was the best decision of my life.” Nesreen is also a competitive swimmer. She started competing in master’s competitions from the age of 25 and has been to 2 world swimming championships!

The Swimming Journey

Nesrin Nagy

Nesreen started swimming when she was 20 years old. “late “is the comment she kept hearing from every person she met. In the world of swimming, in order to be able to compete you should start at 4 or 5 years of age.

How did Nesreen start? Nesreen had an injury in her legs and the doctor advised her to stop every physical exercise she does and start swimming. “The moment I started it I could never stop again. I simply fell in love with swimming.”

Nesrin Nagy

One of the coaches at Nasreen’s sporting club saw her swimming one day, and approached her to offer her a spot in the swimming team, so she told herself: why not? After Nesreen attended one practice session with the team, she fell in love even more.” As a person who loves challenges., I felt was in the right place, and from there the journey began”.

Nesreen got little attention at first in the team, as she was a new member, until one day an American coach came to instruct the team, and he was the one who gave her the right push. From the first practice together, Nesreen could never forget his words, he told her “you know Nesreen what I like about you is that when you are really tired and you want to stop, you never do. and that is the spirit of a true athlete and champion.” “After that I was sure that I will continue until I achieve what I want which is to professionally compete in the field of swimming.”

Nesrin Nagy

Today, Nesreen Is getting better every day and her swimming times are improving, she participated in 2 world championships, she’s improving immensely by time and won’t stop until she wins medals and titles in world championships.

The coaching journey

After she graduated in 2013, Nesreen worked in Nestle Egypt for 3.5 years then travelled to Istanbul, Turkey to work at coca-cola also. It was there that she decided that she doesn’t want to waste time anymore in doing something that she doesn’t enjoy.

Nesrin Nagy

Nesreen has been taking courses and certifications related to fitness and swimming. It has always been her dream to become a coach and help people. “The satisfaction I get when someone comes and tell me “you motivated me to improve my life or to eat better or start training is priceless.”.”

Nesreen started coaching in turkey since 2019 although it has been tough especially because of the current situation and the covid-19 pandemic, that is why she came back to Egypt and is working now at Ignite.” I am extremely happy now as I get to do something i love everyday so “Work doesn’t feel like work anymore “. “

Nesrin Nagy

“I would like to say that I hope this article helps inspire people to pursue their passion and dreams. It is “Never too late “to start the journey towards a dream you have. Hard work, strong will and determination will definitely help you reach whatever you want. Never allow people or situations around you to demotivate you or bring you down just keep going and you will see the results for yourself! “ I will always be here to help people achieve their dreams.””

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