Khaled Gammal - Free Dive

@khelgamm just broke all Egyptian Free Diving records in his first-ever freediving competition! During the @aidafreediving International Competition that took place earlier this month, Khaled broke 4 national records and ranked 2nd on the overall competition. Some of these records, like the Monofin, had been untouched for almost 7 years. In his youth, Khaled was an Egyptian and African swimming champion but left the sport to pursue his engineering degree. In 2019, he quit his engineering job and returned to the waters once again, only this time Khaled returned as a freediver.
Khaled’s freediving records are

1-CWT 80m
2-CWTBI 76m
3-FIM 72m
4-CNF 54m

Congrats champ, we’re so proud of you.

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