Nina Kabbany: The Yoga Influencer You Need to Follow!

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Founder of Zen K Studio, Nina Kabbany a peaceful warrior is twice certified from the Vikasa Yoga Retreat in Thailand. She can be found teaching Yoga in all of its glory Healing Yoga, Aerial Yoga, Vikasa Yoga and Power Vinyasa in Ghazala Bay & Splash Beach from 11:00 a.m. -2:00 p.m., all week throughout this Summer. Catch her while you still can! Because the sky is the limit. Or better yet the limit does not exist.

Don’t be fooled Yoga is a core-strength workout that looks easy but definitely isn’t. It’s about persistence! In my experience, Yoga taught me that I shouldn’t surrender to a situation and take responsibility for my life and live the way I want to live. For example, there’s tremendous inner peace in Gentle Flow the 11 am class.

The more we attend the more we purge and throw out that garbage that we hoard inside our hearts. Whatever hurt us from the past that we keep hinders our present and our future.

Nina Kabany

This is a very crucial emotional baggage detox that people overlook. It’s a lesson to detach from the pain and let go of what no longer serves us. Pain can be powerful it can be our greatest weapon.

This is felt just within a few sessions of her class. Silence speaks louder than words. Sitting still enjoying serenity saves our sanity. It’s introspective mental work of healing our inner wounds in order to achieve clarity. Letting go of ego and getting literally down to earth by doing Yoga within nature on the beach. Then we can face the world calmer & a clearer head on our shoulders.


Tell us when did you start Zen K Studio?

Zen. K Studio

Nina Kabbany: I just started Zen K Studio this summer July 2018 to be exact so it’s still a baby that’s growing.

What does Yoga mean to you?

N.B: Yoga is my life! The life I choose to lead & follow.

When did you discover Yoga?

N.B: 6 years ago.

How did you know it’s your calling?

Nina Kabany

N.B: When I reached the highest stress level peak and knew Yoga elevates serotonin levels. I became addicted to it ever since.

Can adult beginners work on their headstands or handstands and eventually become flexible?

N.B:  With practice and commitment anyone of any age or size can do anything.

Do you feel Yoga can bring Healing to people?

N.B: Definitely, it teaches you how to love yourself by increasing self-confidence. Yoga calms you down and give s you full control over your body and flexibility.

Can Yoga transform people’s lives?

N.B: It changed mine.

Nina Kabbany is the epitome of the concept of conscious non-action. When we balance what’s within us we can balance what’s outside us. We learn to move with more caution which benefits our resolutions.

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