Noran Nounou, Health coach or Dietician?

Health Coach and Diet

Health coach or Dietician?

Noran Nounou, a Certified Health Coach at Dr. Sears wellness institute, An IIN Health Coach, and a Mind-Body Nutritionist is explaining the difference: Health coach or dietician? Read carefully and decide for yourself, what do YOU need?

Health coaching

There is a big confusion between the service provided by health coaches and that of dieticians. Health coaches provide guidance to maintain your overall health on the physical, emotional and mental levels, guide to manage your health in a holistic approach, and help you put personalized health plan and mini health goals.

Health Coaching

They also provide continuous support throughout the journey, promote health awareness through simplifying medical subjects in a way that makes everyone able to understand and practice the health tips.


Health coaches, like Noran, are not focused on creating meal plans nor can they prescribe medications. On the other hand, dieticians mainly focus solely on the nutritional aspect of health and customize meal plans according to the health status and the nutritional and/or physical health goals of their patients.

The medical-health coaching collab

Health Coaching

Nowadays medical doctors in many fields such as dieticians, cardiologists and psychiatrists are starting to collaborate with health coaches. This allows their clients extra time to vent out the core stressors in their lives, go through the daily health habits that could be having a direct influence on their health and how to correct the situation.

Mind & body

Noran is personally fond of the area of mind and body connection, so she opted to expand her knowledge in this area and got certified as a mind and body nutritionist from Canada. Noran helps her clients through workshops and one-on-one coaching to understand the mutual impact that the brain and the gut have on each other and how to practice daily habits that positively impacts both their mind and body.

The Health system

Health Coaching

Health is all about how balanced the levels of blood sugar, insulin, cortisol and chemical neurotransmitters are in our system. All of them are directly influenced by the quality of our thoughts, emotions and food. The more they are balanced, the more we feel relaxed, think less about food, become resilient to life stressors, more productive and aligned with our big values and dreams in life. The more they are imbalanced, the more the whole system will be disrupted, the less we will be enjoying a healthy and peaceful life. 

If Noran would define health in 1 word, it would be happiness.

Noran believes that health and happiness are 2 sides of the same coin. If you eat all the broccoli in the world and feel constantly anxious and overwhelmed, this is not healthy and even the immune system can be prone to diseases. If you want to be truly healthy, you should enjoy more, slow down and notice the little things in life, practice positive self-talk and affirmations, have more gratitude, forgive more, be more intentional on how you spend your time. Health is not only dependent on ‘what’ you eat and how much you exercise, but also ‘how’ does this food and this typical kind of exercise make you feel afterwards.

Noran: “It is always my pleasure to promote health awareness and educate people how to maintain their health through health coaching sessions. My goal is to help everyone feel truly healthy in a way that everyone can observe. The kind of health that is inside out.”

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