Nour Yasser Miss Eco Teen, Basketball player, and enthusiast of sports!

Nour Yasser Miss Eco Teen

“Be somebody nobody thought you could be.”

Nour Yasser, 18 years young, is a basketball player, holder of the title Miss Eco Teen Egypt 2019, and 1st runner up in Miss Eco Teen International 2019 , and a business student at the American University in Cairo. Nour is a very dynamic and lively person, she has been between different sports, competing, and rising! “I hope to achieve more milestones in the acting field, grow further as a person, and be in a place where I’m content and happy, both physically and mentally.”

Gymnastics and Ballet; Confidence and Flexibility 

Nour Yasser Miss Eco Teen

“I act and model, and I’m also a social media influencer. Regarding my sports journey, I started with gymnastics at the age of 3 up until 12, and I simultaneously practiced ballet. I always used to compete and perform in gymnastics and ballet; that experience gave me a great deal of confidence that helps me in everything I do now: acting and modeling. It also made me more independent, since I used to go to practice for many hours alone when I was so little. Gymnastics also gave me flexibility. Later, I only focused on classical ballet for about 2 years, then I switched to fencing which was a great change, after that basketball which lasted around 5 years until today, it’s my current sport!” 

Swords and Baskets

Nour Yasser Miss Eco Teen

“I practiced fencing for 2 years, I was really good at it, but I was fonder of basketball. Fencing taught me focus and precision, I used to rank second place in fencing tournaments although my focus and full potential was leaning more towards basketball. I started my basketball journey while I was still fencing. When it comes to basketball, I have no idea why I’m so in love with the sport, I am always happy and content when I’m  in court. 

It was coincidental how I started basketball. My father was watching a game and mentioned something about how I’m a great fit for the sport and that I should try joining the team at my club. I went for tryouts and later joined the team, I play professionally, but about a year ago I stopped going to practice as I suffered from a back injury, I had to go to physiotherapy and pause practice. When I started university, I came across the basketball team, went for their tryouts, and now I’m part of the team at the AUC!”

Flowing Fitness Fun

Nour Yasser Miss Eco Teen

“I am a very active person, all the time, I like to be doing something, I can’t sit still. My side hobbies include cycling, horse-riding, and kickboxing recently; I also enjoy kayaking and wakeboarding. Kickboxing has never crossed my mind except recently. I gave it a try and my coach were really impressed about how fast I picked up the combos. Sports takes out my energy in a really good and efficient way, I’m eager to always learn more. My hangouts with friends also often include some sort of physical activity like paddle, it’s amusing!

Forward; The Only Way to Go

Nour Yasser Miss Eco Teen

It is challenging to keep up between studies and sports, but Nour was used to it from a young age. She was so young practicing gymnastics, which used to take up 6 hours of her day. She managed to take her assignments with her to practice. When she grew up and started her acting career, it was a bit difficult to manage acting alongside studies and sports, but Nour found the perfect combination solution of getting all of it done without compromising one for the other.

Nour’s main key to that was to prioritize, she always puts her education as top priority. “In my opinion, Education is a very important aspect in every person’s life, and honestly when I look for someone to look up to, I would definitely prefer a person that is well educated and knowledgeable. Therefore, my education is my top priority. The primary key to be successful in many things is to prioritize and balance.” she’s indeed a beauty and a beast! 

Be yourself because no one can be you better than you can”

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