Obvious signs that you are a healthy woman

Healthy Woman

Ladies, a healthy body is not about the slim physique. Here are few obvious ways to tell whether you have a healthy body or not. If any of those don’t apply to you, please visit a doctor as soon as possible.

1- Your period is regular

Period pain

Irregular periods are instant indications that your reproductive system is unhealthy. It may be something as simple as malnutrition or it can be more serious, just visit your doctor and get things checked.


2- You have light colored urine


If your urine is light, it means that your kidney is working fine. If it’s dark, then you probably should be drinking more fluids.


3- Your lips are smooth and pink


Cracked lips can be a sign of dehydration. If the cracks are small and in the corner, it means that your body lacks vitamin B and Zinc.


4- Your wounds heal quickly


A small wound usually takes one or two days to heal. If this is not the case, then you may be having a blood clotting problem or an infection brewing.


5- You have pink and smooth nails


Pink nails are a good sign of a healthy body.


6- You have clear skin

clear skin

Like many of us once experienced, a skin that is not clear can be a cause of hormones, bad diet, stress, or it can be something more serious. Visit your doctor and get things checked.

7- You have good energy levels


If you find it hard to get things done throughout the day and feel like your energy level is always zero, you should be concerned. It might be malnutrition or poor sleep or it can be a bigger issue.


8- You are at a healthy body weight

fit woman

If you’re within the range (or close to it) of the recommended weight for your height, this is a sign that you have the right amount of calories intake and you have a healthy body.


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