Omda: From a rowing champion to a one of a kind CrossFit athlete

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We’re humans, we constantly need motivation and reminders to keep us going and turn our dreams into realities. Today, we bring you a success story that we believe will make your day more productive, if not your entire year. That is the story of the CrossFit athlete, Omda.


Omda started his sports journey in rowing. Four years ago, he won Egypt’s championship in rowing. Later on, he wanted to do something else, but he was not sure that there is a sport that is as strong as rowing. Then, he came across CrossFit. He found himself in this one. For him, that was even better.


Omda won the well-known ‘Fittest man in Egypt’ for the years 2015-2016-2017 and came in third at this year’s ELFIT. Three weeks ago, he was in Cyprus for the Aphrodite games. In case you never heard of it, CrossFit athletes come from all over Europe to contribute to this. Omda was the only Arab to ever step foot in this competition. That’s not all, he even came in 10th, proving to Europeans that we do have big potentials here in Egypt and in the Arab world. How inspiring?


Omda traveled to gain more knowledge and experience from CrossFit games athletes. Currently, he left Egypt and went to work in Kuwait for ‘Circut Plus’ He is really happy with how things turned out for him; he gets to train with big names, his training changed, his nutrition plans improved. Basically, he gets to work with a team of professionals.


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