Omer Elgendy, Flags Calisthenics & Builds Athletes

Omar elgendy


Omer has studied Engineering at the German University in Cairo where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree. His love for calisthenics began as early as his college life when he saw videos of foreign athletes practicing it. It initially caught his attention, surpassing his passion for the gym because of its body-weight nature, the flexibility to train anywhere, and the tremendous strength it could equip the body with.

Giving shape to the passion

Omar elgendy

Holding the reins of his passion and taming it into determination, Omer began arraying bars at his home for self-training. Soon after, he launched iFlag Bars, a calisthenics training center where he self-practiced and trained other athletes as well. “I was still young and still studying while coaching at the same time,” said Omer. “It was an enjoyable mix to study and coach other people at the same time in my life.”

Blooming Fruits 

Omar elgendy

iFlag Bars has been effectively operating for five years where Omer has trained more than 5000 athletes! Nowadays, he has a large group where he daily trains. iFlag Bars has grown into three branches: Mivida New Cairo, Nasr City, and a new branch near Waterway which has recently been inaugurated. 

Omar elgendy

Not only this, but for his personal journey, Omer has won the last national championship: National calisthenics and street workout championship. And moreover, he traveled to Riga, Latvia to compete in a world championship for calisthenics. Not disappointing, he won the title of Strongest Man on Earth for 2022!

What would he tell you

Omar elgendy

He recommends that all people give calisthenics a try because it is much fun, based only on the body’s weight, gives the best body shape, and carries the least risks for injuries as there are no foreign weights

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