Party on wheels: Gouna’s most awaited annual Spinning Marathon

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Spinning is a great way to tone up and get fit, but dare we challenge you to 8 hours, back to back, on a stationary bike? Never say never! The masterminds behind The 2018 Official Annual Party on Wheels invite you to stretch your limits.
POW is a treat to all your senses; a fiesta that promises to keep your wheels turning until the very last beat. First of all, the event takes place in the beautiful Red Sea resort town of EL Gouna – need we say more? The venue will charm you with its million dollar view.

Party on Wheels

In previous years, we were swept away with 8 hours of electrifying music, mind-blowing choreographed performances, live percussions, and a fire show that kept us yearning for more – yes, more time on the bike believe it for not! At this year’s 5th anniversary scheduled for March 23rd, we can’t imagine what other tricks POW management will bring to the stage! All we can tell you for the time being is that the the best are flying in from Europe to give you the ride of a lifetime.

Party on Wheels

Top-notch Spinning presenters such as Stefan Amiri from Germany, Adriana Sollberger from Switzerland, Maurizio Bottoni from Italy, and Kis Norbert from Hungary; not to forget of course, our favorite Egyptian on two wheels, Nirvana Zaher, owner and founder of The Official Annual Party on Wheels, as well as the engine that powers this event, The Fitness Playground. Not up for the 8 hour marathon? No problem! You can tag team your way to the finale; it’s all just as fun!

Party on Wheels

POW has been inspiring people to ride since 2014 when it become the first Spinning Marathon in Egypt, and the longest in the Middle East. This year, #POWturns5, and we couldn’t be happier to be a part of this exciting event . If you’ve been around since the beginning, then you know how the event has grown. Few surprises have already been announced like the annual Dress Up Ride, so keep an eye on the event in order to join in on the fun!

Ready to ride? Contact and check out The 2018 Official Party on Wheels on Facebook. And lastly, mark your calendars for March the 23rd for what might just be the best fitness-entertainment event of the year!


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