Passent Herky , A Competitive Fitness And Pole Champion.

Passent Herky

Passent Herky is a 27 years old lady who’s been owning fitness since she was 10! Passent joined the National under 12 team, and hit her first championship ever: The National Egyptian Championship, winning 1st place! But that’s the first 1st place, and it’s one of many! Passent ranked 1st in a couple of African championship, Arab championships , and her first International Championship which was held in Turkey.

She joined many other championships under 12, 14, and 16, that prepared her for the youth Olympic games 2010 in Singapore, where she made it to the finals and seized 7th place. Passnet is the first  Egyptian girl to qualify for the continents cup, representing Africa. While she was in university she trained fitness classes including body attack and steps.

Fitness and pole

Passant Herky

She wanted to try out pole dancing, and she loved it! Feeling like she can do more than just practice it , Passent was intending to teach pole! She first has to start training and teaching flexibility before going on to the world of pole. Up to date, Passent has been teaching flexibility and pole for 7 years, and fitness for 8! She used to exert a different fun energy from pole between work and studying, and also took it in an artistic way, it made her joyful when people watched her do pole dance! Being the competitive girl she is, Passent entered 2 pole dancing championships.

Growing passion

Passant Herky

Mid-career, Passent discovered aerial hoop, she learned it, and taught it, always taking every sport to the next and final level! “ Since I was young I’ve loved being active, I can’t live without physical activity and I love trying and also mastering new sports, not just practicing them, but excelling! I like to give people regarding sports, and I want to send a message and inspire people, enlightening them about the pleasure and joy in sports, not just its aid in a goal, but that it is a healthy incredible lifestyle, not a job.”

When Passent  teaches sports, she is eager on making her classes as fun, engaging, and motivating as possible. Her goal is to make people love sports more, to be passionate about sports. She is very competitive.

The choice

Passant Herky

“I am a producer, I graduated from media production. I’ve been working a full time job for almost 6 years. Waking  up early to train , eat, work, teach classes, go home and repeat.. everyday..for 6 years.I got to a moment where I had to choose between fitness and production, and without a thought, I chose sports/fitness. It is a decision I’m proud and glad I made. I cannot leave or stop or pause this field.”

Behind the scenes

Passant Herky

“I get tired yes, I get injured, and I’ve done surgeries. I couldn’t move at all from my bed, a thought and weakness that grew into depression. I have a problem in my neck as well and should be usually wearing braces but I take it off a lot. I don’t give up easily at all, and my comeback was better forced.


Passant Herky

Passent  won 1st in Egypt last month and is now qualified for the African championship next May. The obstacle hurts at its time, then she needs to get back up because her will is stronger than her pain. Passent  is proud to model as a fitness and sports model, this makes her  delighted  as it is an inspiring image to promote sports and the fun energy they carry.

Passent is  now training for the 2021 TOKYO Olympics, and working on her courses as well, ISSA for personal training, and nutrition.

Wish her luck and eternal passion!

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