Patisserie Eats For Ramadan’s Treats

Deserts Guide

After Iftar, we all crave something sweet to eat! These Patisseries and shops offer just the treat we need! Watch out for the caloric intake, but definitely indulge in dessert, even if slightly!

La Poire

Creativity in making dessert is divine!

Famous for: pistachio, Oreo, halawa, rosewater, and Lotus biscuit konafas

Calories (per serving):

  • Pistachio Konafa:  550 kcal
  • Oreo Konafa:  650 kcal
  • Halawa konafa: 680 kcal
  • Rosewater Konafa: 560 kcal
  • Lotus Konafa: 600 kcal


It seems that the new trend is Lotus biscuits!

  • Famous for: Konafa Lotus
  • Calories (per serving): 600 kcal


  • Famous for: The now-classic Mango Konafa
  • Calories (per serving):   570 kcal

Sale Sucre

  • Cocoa beans for this one!
  • Famous for:  The Nutella Konafa 
  • Calories (per serving):  662 kcal


  • This is a twist with something new!
  • Famous for: Crème Brulee Konafa
  • Calories (per serving):  700 kcal

The Batter Half & Co

Famous for: Nutella, Red Velvet, and Lotus Konafa &

 also look forward to their coconut Basbousa.

Calories (per serving):

  • Nutella Konafa: 662 kcal
  • Red Velvet Konafa: 772 kcal
  • Lotus Konafa: 600 kcal
  • Coconut Basbousa:  450 kcal

The four fat ladies

This cozy corner has been growing in the dark!

  • Famous for:  Konafa with Dates
  • Calories (per serving):   650 kcal


The ice cream land has been preparing for Ramadan!

Famous for: Konafa Ice-Cream & Basbousa Ice-Cream with Lotus biscuits

Calories (per serving):

  • Konafa Ice-Cream: 120 kcal
  • Basbousa Ice-Cream with Lotus biscuits: 120 kcal


The many many benefits of dates.

Famous for: Chocolate dates & Ramadan themed cupcakes

Calories (per serving):

  • Chocolate dates (1 piece):  70 kcal
  • Cupcakes: 200 kcal


Classics never go out of style!

Famous for: mehalabya, basbousa, and konafa

Calories (per serving):

  • Mahalabia: 300 kcal
  • Basbousa:  220 kcal
  • Konafa:  512 kcal

Mandarine Kouidar

Is this a Turkish hint?

Famous for: Turkish delights (malban bel eshta), eish saraya, wrapped golash and the utterly mouthwatering konafa with cream.

Calories (per serving):

  • Turkish delights (1 piece): 30 kcal
  • Eish Saraya: 450 kcal
  • Golash:  280 kcal
  • Konafa with Cream:  652 kcal
  • Please note that the calories are rounded up and may slightly vary from a serving to another.
  • Sources: CaloriesCounter, Myfitnesspal, Loseit
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