Protect yourself against future heart attacks

Heart Attack

Heart attacks are becoming more common nowadays. Stop for a few minutes and reflect on your lifestyle. What do you eat? what do you do every day? What harmful habits do you have? Be honest with yourself and remember your life is too precious. Without further ado, let’s discuss some tips that you can follow to protect yourself against future heart attacks. 


Eat better

Woman eats fruits

Cut down on any food that can harm you including red meat, salt, sugar, and sweets. Start replacing them with healthier options like fruits, veggies, and fish.

Exercise regularly

work out at home
work out at home

You heard this one a lot, right? then stop ignoring it. Start incorporating this healthy habit into your daily routine and notice how it transformers your physical and mental health.

Stop smoking


STOP SMOKING. We can never say it enough. You are not just increasing your chances of getting heart attacks, you are harming yourself in so many other ways. Don’t forget, second-hand smoke is as dangerous.


Take it easy

Take it easy! Calmer people tend to live longer. Find yourself a way to slow down and relax. You can try meditation, yoga, or whatever you enjoy.


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