Ramadan Workout Tips

Ramadan is here and for all the workout enthusiasts, you can still keep going if you follow a few tips:

1. Dont stop working out in order to preserve the muscle mass you already have.

2. Adjust the Intensity of your work out. On a typical Ramadan day you have fasted for 8 to 10 hours and a busy day is behind you. Under those circumstances pulling off your usual intensity is very hard to do. So use lighters weights or reduce your reps.

3. If you normally follow the rule of having several small doses of protein over the day, you of course can’t do that during Ramadan. Try to have a protein meal in the mornings, before fajr in addition to the larger one in the evening.

4. Carbohydrates In The Morning let you work out with intensity, loading up some of them in the mornings should counter a lack of carbs during the day.

5. Adjust your workouts to be within a couple of hours of the morning meal, as your carbohydrate reserves will then be quite high. If your workouts take place after a long day of fasting, you might feel rather drained.

6. Instead of doing your workouts at your normal times, during Ramadan do them when you have time and feel the most energetic. A workout done with intensity is better than a workout you squeeze in and do hurriedly.

7. Get Enough Fluids. Load up on fluids preemptively, before thirst takes place. Especially for those of you living in hot climates this is rather important; even more so, when you want to do a workout during the day.

8. It’s rather easy to overeat when you go without food for over 10 hours, but do exercise some self-control. In the evenings, get your protein share but keep an eye on the calories you consume.

9. Ramadan Is Tougher In summer. It is more difficult to follow a workout plan in summer than winter, because during summer daylight lasts much longer, you will have less time to eat and drink and also get less sleep. So dont expect to perform as usual.

Enjoy yourselves & Ramadan Kareem



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