Rana Amer Influencing by Nutrition, Stories, and Health Summits

Rana Amer

“You are what you eat. What would YOU like to be?”

Rana Amer is a pharmacist who worked in the pharmacy career for 3 years, until she got her first daughter. Rana was overweight by 40 kgs, and took a commitment to look for ways to lose weight. Her story’s plot twist was when she studied nutrition, which was her one-way ticket to losing weight. Rana started sharing her personal and scientific experience by creating a Facebook community then group. It was an inspiration for a lot of people, the circle around her witnessed Rana both before and after, they wanted to know how she did it! 

Passing on the success  

Rana Amer - Nutritionist

“I felt that I need to share my story with everyone; to help others. I used to work and study nutrition while raising my baby. Nutrition, unlike pharmacy, gave me the opportunity to work from home. I opened my own clinic (Lean Queen) after 4 years of online business, walking with many through their journey.”

The Inspiration

Rana Amer - Nutritionist

“My inspiration was me. My own story and experience inspired me to study nutrition, and influence more than a million life. The inspiration wasn’t just weight loss, but successfully achieving, working, hustling, compromising, and multitasking as a mother. People see that someone made it, and so they know they too, can.

People see me and my family, they know me through social media, they lived plenty with me, loved me and trusted me, and that’s why they heard me out, and listened to me when I talked about nutrition. “

The journey, The book, The summit

Rana Amer - Nutritionist

“My story started from a personal experience to an online then an on-ground inspiration. I’m adding Derma services to my clinic soon too, so it becomes a more inclusive health and beauty clinic. I believe you need to always update and upgrade yourself, your knowledge. etc. there’s always more to learn and much more to do!

I wrote a book about nutrition of all the cases I saw online/ in clinic. The book talks about real cases, real stories and experiences, of course with the clients’ consent, or using fake names. The book should relate to someone, it’s supposed to make you feel something, like you belong. The book changed lives, and now I’m preparing my next book.

I’ve humbly created the health summit event with Cairogyms as our media partner, it’s a health conference that is all about wellness and health, not necessarily or specifically focusing on nutrition. I believe the event has a great potential moving forward.”

Rana Amer - Nutritionist

Tips and tricks in Ramadan

“Here we go, people need to drink water throughout the day, not just at suhoor. The lack of water causes cravings in the body. Exercise at least 30 mins a day. Before Iftar if that’s your usual, or after Iftar, and consume enough protein to prevent muscle loss!

Eat with awareness, we need to unlock fullness centers in the brain. We should eat dates and water, go pray and then come back to the dining table, this way we are more aware and in control while eating.

General tip of plate:  ½ salad, ¼ carbs, ¼ protein (This is how our plates should look like)

if you’re not looking to lose weight, then go with the 80/20 (healthy/unhealthy) rule (a handful of unhealthy). If you DO want to lose weight, change components of the unhealthy recipes to healthy alternatives (check my page!).

Don’t Forget: Take all the nutritional values you need throughout the day, vegetables, proteins, and healthy fats.

“It’s never too late or never too early to work towards being the healthiest you”.

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