Red Bull Car Park Drift: Qatar’s King of Drift Ahmed Al-Amri Grabs the First Place in CPD’s World Finale, Egypt 2021

Redbull CPD World cup

The heated competition came to an end, and the Omani Ahmed Al-Amri, who’s representing Qatar in this competition, grabbed the first place’s trophy that makes him the champion of this year’s international version of Red Bull Car Park Drift. The worldwide happening took place in Egypt for the first time at Al Manara Arena in the 5th Settlement, Cairo.

Redbull CPD

Surrounded by the 13 flags of the participating countries, the enormous track had an intense competition between 19 participants from all over the world. Qatar’s king of drift, Ahmed Al-Amri, came first, followed by the Jordanian Abdullah Abo Hussein in the second place, the Omani Haitham Al-Hadidi in the third place, and the Jordanian Anas El-Helou in the fourth.

The opening ceremony was held by the brilliant band, Sharmoofers, who added a lively, beautiful performance to the competition. As usual, they rocked the stage in a perfect fashion that made all spectators restlessly wait for the beginning of the drifting competition. There was a fantastic attendance record of more than 6,000 people witnessing the event.

Suspenseful music was on, the drifters started making their appearance with their stunning drifting cars, and the first heat of the three-heat process begun.

Redbull CPD

All 19 players participated in the first heat. They were graded according to their performance in the following categories: Car looks and design, car sound, tires smoke, drifting skills, flippers, spiral gate, and pendulum!

By the end of the first heat, the Jordanian Abdullah Abu Hussein came first, followed by his fellow Jordanian Anas El Helou who made a spectacular performance and the third was the Egyptian champion Hisham Al-Khateeb. Only the top eight participants were qualified for the second heat of the competition.

Redbull CPD

The competition became even more challenging; all eight participants showed off their best skills to the judiciary committee from Lebanon, Ukraine and Mauritius. Only four participants were qualified for the third and final heat. By the end of the second heat, Qatar’s king of drift Ahmed Al-Amri grabbed the first place, followed by the Omani 2016 Red Bull Car Park Drift world champion Hisham Al-Hadidi in the second place, and in the third and fourth places came the Jordanians Abdullah Abo Hussein and Anas ElHelou. Unfortunately, Hisham Al-Khateeb lost his place among the top four in the second heat and didn’t qualify for the third one.

Music beats and heart beats are getting even higher, and with the amazing drifting and motorbike show performed by the Lebanese legendary drifter Abdo Feghali along with the Egyptian biker Ramy Sold amid the rounds, the audience’s and the participants’ adrenaline was just exploding in the air.

Redbull CPD

In the third and final heat, all four players showed their best drifting techniques, and it ended with the Omani Ahmed Al-Amri, who grabbed first place of the worldwide Car Park Drift champion in 2021. Al- Amri won the title of Qatar’s king of drift in 2021’s local Red Bull qualifiers in Qatar; this is why he was representing Qatar. Abdullah Abo Hussein came second, Haitham Al-Hadidi came third, and Anas El-Helou came fourth.

Redbull CPD

Red Bull Car Park Drift has never failed to leave audience speechless from the amount of heat and energy filling the air, and what is better than the high, energetic, and competitive vibes of players heading to the ultimate goal: the Red Bull Car Park Drift worldwide title.

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