Rise of Hers

Rise of Hers

For the past couple of months, the word about the Rise event has spread through Cairo, and the anticipation was sizzling.  Hers, women’s fitness center, celebrated their 3-years anniversary with the Rise event, sending a message of empowerment to women.  The event, taking place at Dusit Thani, was packed with women of all ages, all energetic and ready to party.  Classes ran nonstop from 12:00 PM to 9:00 PM, with Zumba by many well-known instructors, Les-Mill’s classes, Spinning, Cheerobics, and more.  There was never a dull moment, between jumping from hall to hall to join this class and that class, and listening to the endowing seminars for women, or even when checking out the bazaar.


As we attended the Rise event we took some time to talk to the visitors and ask what their opinion of the event was like.  One visitor, Coach Heba Khalil, a certified Zumba instructor stated, “The event is well organized and the Hers team is on fire. This isn’t an event; it’s a movement for women.”

Hers: Heba Khalil, Zumba Instructor

Another visitor said, “I have never been interested much in group training, but if all of the Hers classes are like this, then I am definitely going to start attending.”


The vibe was amazing throughout the whole event.  Seeing hundreds of women gathered for the benefit of being fitter and healthier people was such an inspiration.


If you didn’t get a chance to attend the Rise event, not to worry, you can see what all the excitement was about on Hers Facebook Page.



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