Rising CrossFit female stars of Alexandria

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It’s about time we shed light on the Rising CrossFit female stars of Alexandria. These 14 girls will become big CrossFit Stars very soon, mark our words.

1- Aya Fouad

CrossFitter and a CrossFit assistant at CrossFit Tycoons

2- Dania Abd El Kader

L1 Trainer at The Hit Fitness

3- Haggar Yassin

Not only a CrossFitter but also a swimmer.

4- Rana Sameh

CrossFitter and a CrossFit Assistant at Tycoons.

5- Yara Hossam

A 21-year-old CrossFit Athlete at Hit Fitness Center. In 2018, she joined the nationals, her first RX competition.

6- Shereen Hamdy

Coach Assistant and athlete at Crossfit Tycoons

7- Rodina Mohamed

CrossFit Athlete

8- Reem Hashem

A CrossFitter at CrossFit Tycoons

9- Menna Mamdouh

She started CrossFit two years ago. Menna is the second Fittest Woman in the Middle East.

10- Arwa Abo Elata

A CrossFitter at CrossFit Tycoons. She is the third fittest teenage girl in ElFit 2017 and the Second in the Egyptian Functional Fitness.

11- Menna Mahmoud

CrossFit Athlete

12- Nada Kamel

CrossFit Athlete at Hit Fitness Center

13 – Dianna ElKammah

CrossFit Athlete

14- Dina Said

L-1 Trainer and coach at The Fitness Grind


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