Road To Pro – 3asab’s Journey to Bodybuilding Glory

Muhamed Ali 3asab - Mr Olympia Vegas

After his remarkable COVID-19 recovery, Bodybuilding Champion Mohammed Ali Zayed “3asab” is now preparing for 3 major competitions on his “Road to Pro” journey. Making the best use of the lockdown, 3asab decided to pursue his one true passion: Bodybuilding. With only the best of coaches on his team, Mohammed embarked on his journey with Neil Yoda Hill, official Team YAMAMOTO trainer and one of the top 3 coaches in the bodybuilding world.

moh. zayed 3asab

Competing in those events will earn our champion the IFBB PRO-CARD in the classic physique category, rendering him one of the only four athletes holding the PRO-CARD. This will also put him on the map of professional bodybuilders to become the 9th Egyptian to ever make it to the list. Despite the participation of some of the biggest names, 3asab remains one of the strongest candidates for the title. 

moh. zayed 3asab

The three competitions are

  2. MUSCLE FEST. PRO in Romania
  3. MR.OLYMPIA 2020 in Las Vegas

Coach Mohammed has been preparing for the longest time, following a very dense training schedule with Coach Neil that can only be paired with a well planned, 6-meal nutrition plan. Feeling the responsibility that comes with the whole country’s support, 3asab is putting in his all and trains up to 3 hours per day.

moh. zayed 3asab

The champion has always been the strongest advocate for health and fitness, and he believes that winning the Mr. Olympia title will serve as an to the new generation. He lives by “nothing is impossible” and strives to instill it –through his inspiration journey- in today’s youth.   

moh. zayed 3asab
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