Rock Your Beach Body with Sahel’s 2022 Fitness Guide

Sahel Fitness Guide 2022

Like every summer, we’re rocking our bodies this year all across the north coast! Here’s the best places to workout right under the sun and on the warm sandy beaches, ready to sweat and train hard?! Here’s where!


LA7 G Hotel

About: Sweat it out this summer with LA7 and their top coaches. They’ll be in Sahel waiting for you. 
Location: G Hotel, Seashell and Seashell Playa


Ignite Sahel Parties

About: Ignite’s This summer, Ignite has a group of training parties waiting for you every weekend.
Location: Different Parties – Several locations (Stay Tuned)

Fibers Club

Fibers Hacienda Red Sahel

About: Fibers – Get ready for another intense Sahel summer with Fibers this year.
Location: Hacienda Red


Aqua Fit Hacienda Red

About: Aquafit will be waiting for you in Sahel with some unique above-water high intensity functional training.
Location: LaVista Bay, Fouka Bay

CrossFit Engine

Crossfit Engine

About: CrossFit engine will be waiting for you at Fouka Bay with a huge selection of diverse group trainings.
Location: Fouka Bay


BeFit Hacienda White

About: As always, BeFit are ready to offer their premium workout sessions. Their team of awesome coaches is ready to guide you all summer long.
Location: Hacienda White, Hacienda Bay


Stamina Diplo 3

About: This summer, Stamina will be bringing you a variety of your favorite classes all the way from Cairo to North Coast.
Location: Seashell, LaVista Bay, Swan Lake, Diplo 3

PowrRide Sports

Power Ride Sports Diplo3

About: PowerRide has a wide range of exciting Sahel classes with in store for you this year.
Location: Diplo 3

Eden Wellness by Farah Nofal

Farah Nofal Telal

About: The best yoga sessions in Sahel are waiting for you with Farah Nofal. Bucker up! 
Location: Telal

Hit Egypt

Hit Egypt Telal

About: Another year of Hit! Their Sahel programs are suitable for all ages and fitness levels be sure to check them out. 
Location: LaVista Bay, Telal


Move Ali Ismail - Telal

About: Move are back this summer for an unforgettable Sahel experience.
Location: Telal

Gold’s Gym Egypt

Golds Gym Egypt

About: Gold’s gym will be waiting for you in Sahel with their equipment and their certified trainers. 
Location: Mountain View


TWC - Sahel

About: With a mix functional training and Kickboxing, adding an extra something to your beach workout. If you want to try something that’s out of your comfort zone, head to TWC.
Location: Fibers Gym – Hacienda Red


Elevate Sahel Ghazala

About: Elevate is waiting for you to “elevate” your fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle. Do not miss them out.
Location: Ghazala Bay

F45 Training

F45 Training Sahel Almaza

About: F45 Training will be bringing you the finest HIIT workout with the best views this summer.
Location: Masyaf Ras el Hekma, Almaza bay


Tapout - Hacienda Red

About: The martial arts academy will be waiting for you in Sahel this summer. Get ready to have a good summer with Tapout.
Location: Swan Lake, Diplo 3

Element Five

Element five Bianchi

About: Element Five holistic wellness hub inspired by the elements of life and they’ll be hosting Sukun and Ozone this Sahel season. 
Location: Bianchi


Sukun - Sara abdel Moneim

About: Yoga classes by the beach? yes, please. Sukun Studio will be waiting for you to bring some extra relaxation to your Sahel Vacation.
Location: Elements Five Bianchi

Idea Wellness

Idea Wellness Stella Sahel

About: Bringing all the health and wellness to the beach this year, Idea will be taking over Sahel.
Location: Stella Sidi Abdelrahman

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