Rock Your Body In Sahel 2019

Sahel 2019 Workout

Heading to Sahel for a vacation? No problem! These gyms and fitness venues have packed up and moved along to the beach and sand with you! Find your most suitable fitness plan, check out the location, and get training till you’re sweaty!

Golds Studio

Golds Studio Egypt

Location: Marassi
About Gold’s Studio: GOLD’S STUDIO is a unique training community with all-inclusive access to enhanced group fitness programs like GOLD’S FIT®, GOLD’S BURN™, and GOLD’S CYCLE™ – all under one roof.

Golds Gym Egypt

Golds Gym Lavista Bay Sahel

Location: La Vista Bay
About Gold’s gym: Gold’s Gym has more than 600 locations all over the world.

LA7 Gym

LA7 Gym in Sea Shell

Location: Sea Shell North Coast
About LA7: LA7 – A fitness facility that revolutionized personal and functional training. It is the mix between fancy and efficient, elite and hardcore.

Fibers Club

Location: Hacienda
About Fibers: Fibers Club inclusive wellness club with branches in Maadi, Giza, and Rehab. For Sahel season, they have Gym and Group Exercise Classes available.

body pal / Tapout

Location: Hacienda (Fibers Club)
About body pal: Body Pal and Tapout Health & fitness programs / Kick Boxing and MMA

Farah Nofal  (Eden Wellness)

Farah Nofal - Telal

Location: Telal
About Farah Nofel: Farah – Yoga Instructor and the Founder of Eden Wellness

BeFit 360

Location: Hacienda White, Hacienda Bay
About befit 360: Befit – A venue that offers a wide range of fitness classes and training.

Move Egypt

Move Egypt Sahel

Location: Telal, Marassi
About Move: Move – Represents innovative fitness through mind and body development


Train with the champions - TWC

Location: Sea shell North Coast (LA7 Gym)
About TWC: TWC – A new concept to the everyday workout, mixing Fitness with Mixed Martial Arts.


Location: Telal
About HIT:  Hit – A Fitness-based entity that delivers various fitness programs that suit different fitness levels. They promise you a different experience of a workout right by the Sea.

Aqua Fit

Aqua Fit - Sahel

Location: Hacienda 
About Aqua Fit:  Aqua Fit – Professional fitness  team for aqua games ( swimming-fins-water polo…)


Location: Stella
About idea: Idea – Weight loss Programs, General Fitness, Body Strength, Kick Boxing ,Zumba, Yoga, Kids FIT , Mathai ,Self Defense ,Core Detailing.

CrossFit Engine 38

Location: Bianchi 
About CrossFit Engine 38: CrossFit Engine38 is a CrossFit affiliate located at Sodic West in Beverly Hills

Stamina Sports and Fitness

Stamina Sports and Fitness  Sahel

Location: Diplo 3
About stamina sports and fitness : STAMINA Sports & Fitness is an Egyptian Professional Sports team specializing in fitness classes, triathlon, and endurance training

Power Ride Sports

Location: Diplo 3
About power ride: Power Ride offers a unique indoor training experience along with specialized fitness sessions and triathlon training programs.

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