Sally Amr stretching Between CrossFit and Yoga

Sally Amr Befit

Sally Amr, a 24 years old lady has one interesting journey. just like every typical Egyptian child, sally started participating in sports since she was 6.” I started with gymnastics and swimming, and I didn’t continue because my gymnastics instructor was too tough and I didn’t find myself in the sport, so I stopped going. For swimming, I was once watching the Olympics and I saw the girls too muscular for my taste back then, so I quit to avoid looking like them, the funny thing is, I’m all muscular now.”

The Kickstart

Sally Amr Befit

“I started functional training when I was around 15. I was bullied a lot because I was weak and skinny. People would mockingly say they’re scared to shake my hands and break them. Since then, I decided to train hard and workout to become healthier and stronger. I started taking PT sessions in the Hit center, Alexandria. My muscles started developing as I advanced in my training. I also starting adjusting my diet and my nutrition plan, to help me grow these muscles, because at first, I trained a lot, and ate so little. I noticed muscles forming all around my body, shaping and toning it. It felt amazing.”

Chances around the corner

Sally Amr Befit

“From here, I got the opportunity to train others. At first, I thought “just because I’m fit, doesn’t mean I should train others” but many people encouraged me to start at least by shadowing coaches. I used to coach shortly after for 3 years. I was so delighted. Before covid, I applied for a fitness competition, and I’ve completed all my qualification tests before the pandemic. I was really downhearted when the delay happened, but things do always work out for the better.”

The Bliss of Quarantine

Sally Amr Befit

“In the pandemic, I’ve put together my own home gym, and worked hard on myself, improving and tackling my weaknesses.  I’ve worked on my gymnastics, flexibility after I moved to Sahel for 5 months. The transformation my body undergone was hardly unnoticed, and as much as it felt ecstatic to walk around FEELING stronger, it was nice to be told that I’ve evolved.  After the pandemic with a few months, I got a job offer from Befit and I was happy to tears. I started shadowing Asser El Sawaf. I started taking a lot of PT clients, and group sessions. I’m looking forward to better myself and grow more.”

Asser El Sawaf was the reason behind my continuous daily coaching improvement. He pushes me and all my team beyond, and he is always here to support us even when he changes locations and goes to Cairo. I shadowed most of the sessions with him and he guided me through my Personal training journey. I’m very thankful and grateful to have learned from him. His last day of coaching will probably be the last day of me learning new experiences, i hope this day is far away from soon, I’ve got a lot to learn!”

The Yin in it All

Sally Amr Befit

Sally also does mobility and yoga for almost 3 years now. It goes hand in hand with CrossFit.” I love them both, and I make time for both. I want to also become a certified yoga instructor, and travel and learn all about it. Yoga started when I wanted to do the splits and gain some flexibility during the quarantine. I have a lot of achievements in both yoga and CrossFit. I love both fields and I don’t know what the future holds for me and what I will excel more at.” Sally is currently applying for a ElFit competition on a team for people to see her compete for the first time on ground and in general.

Rising up again

Sally Amr Befit

“I’ve been through a lot of obstacles, Ones you won’t even think a person could survive. I lost my dad and my grandpa and they used to inspire me the most! And that’s not even close to what my life has been. But now, I can proudly say that what happens with your life, is the reason you are the person you are now. You should have faith in God, in your parents and finally your own being.Write your goals, put them in mind and make sure you work towards them.”

Progress doesn’t happen overnight

“There are days I cried myself because I thought I wasn’t good enough. I wanted to be able to lift heavy, walk on my hands, build a strong core and still look less muscular.  I couldn’t quite get the idea of losing or failing any of my goals. Well, here I am, after years of training, I admit. I’m good enough for myself. You do the work, stop complaining, stop comparing, and you’ll eventually find your strength within yourself.”

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