Sally Awad| Yogi, Crossfit coach & movements enthusiast

Sally Yogini

Sally is a psychologist who grew up in a family that believed in the importance of sports. She practiced swimming, track and field then horseback riding. Sally has always been crazy about physical movement and creation.  She started her yoga journey in 2008, practicing its art with different yoga teachers and preachers.  “Yoga grew on me to become one of my greatest passions, not only in its physical aspects, but the philosophy behind it too, then I decided to acquire the knowledge.”.

The heart of Namaste

Sally Ibrahim Yoga Crossfit

In 2013, Sally traveled to the USA to get her very first yoga certification, with the intention to deepen her practice and increase her knowledge. Two months later, Sally actually became a yoga teacher, and things only got better. Sally decided to pursue her dreams and become a better yogi and a better yoga teacher, so she flew to India, the land of yoga origin to attain another certification, and to come back to Egypt with new blood travelling through her system and more passion about yoga and instructing.

Sally Ibrahim Yoga Crossfit

 “Being a teacher, seeing different bodies every day, dealing with different injuries and backgrounds, I felt like I wanted to know more about anatomy.” A year later, Sally is in France getting better, learning more aspects in anatomy to do her job much better.  “This left me further crazy about movement and thinking about every movement from an anatomical perspective, a bit later I am in Bali, then Finland for more yoga certifications.”

CrossFit turn

Sally never stopped teaching, during the year 2017, she was introduced to CrossFit and her passion towards movement got her hooked. She started training 5 days a week, lifting heavy and training hard, doing this next to yoga. She then decided to pursue CrossFit-L1, and traveled to France to get her CrossFit-L1 certification in the year 2018, to come back as a CrossFit coach too, making her the only “yoga instructor and CrossFit coach in Egypt.”.

And moving forward…

Sally Ibrahim Yoga Crossfit

Things kept moving forward from there, studying, reading, writing articles about how yoga and CrossFit can complement each other, and starting to know more about programming and how to train people the best way possible, to be working currently with more than 40 PT clients, including Dina El Sherbiny, Saba Mubarak, and Assala Nasri, having 100s of yoga students, with regular yoga sessions weekly, and recently deciding to join the online programming world.

Sally Ibrahim Yoga Crossfit

“My passion towards movement is the energy that moves me, I can’t wait for the pandemic to be over so I can pursue more education in what I love the most.” Sally is currently an athlete training yoga/meditation every day, and a mix of CrossFit and body-building 5 days a week, as well as being a full-time coach in all of these physical activities!

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