Sandy Grace| A Pole’s Soul Journey and Transformation

Sandy Grace Soul Studio

Sandy had no sports or fitness background whatsoever. She was overweight and chubby, being tall too in that form, was not to her liking. Sandy thought to achieve an inside-out transformation. She went to the gym and tried to take part in different sports but nothing worked for her. She was depressed and desperate for resolution.

The answer

In 2016, Sandy joined, she loved it so much and it clicked with her. She was a pole student until 2018, after which she got the chance to become an instructor. Sandy passed level 1 out of 3 in only 2 months (usually takes 8 month.). She was so attached to pole, so eager to dig deeper. Sandy then took a private level 2 course, dreaming of always having her own studio.

The influence

Sandy has a relative who lived in America. In 2016,  she shared a video of a pole dancer in Americas Got Talent. Sandy was amazed. She didn’t know there were any pole studios in Egypt, until she found 1. Sandy called and the receptionist was excited when Sandy told her she wants to join the classes, and even more thrilled when she told her she wants to have private training to become an instructor someday, and not just go for fun.

The vision

Sandy Grace Soul Studio

Sandy became an instructor in 2018 for 2 years, then she took the decision to open her own studio.

“Pole helps me a lot in my life. It is my escape.”

Pole has some magic. Genuinely.  I don’t comprehend it. When you join the class, you must mute reality. My most haunting question at the first warm up was how will I get on the pole. I am a shy person, shy of being clumsy and I was chubby.”

After Sandy became an instructor, her 2nd year in 2019, she was getting promoted in her HR job, but Sandy wanted to focus on pole, so she quit her job. She always wanted to teach the girls to feel self-confidence and to motivate them.

“I don’t only teach pole, I also teach flexibility fitness, and aerial hoop, but my main passion is pole.”

Soul By Grace

Sandy opened her studio in 2020, from day 1, she wanted people to feel attached to pole, not just take classes. She wants to create a lovely community. There’s already a pole community in Egypt, everyone is connected, its splendid, even pole instructors abroad follow and interact through.


Pole is not exotic or stripping. It’s a sport. Exotic pole is the most difficult ever, and it is not what they do here. People noticed Sandy lost a lot of weight. She used to take a lot of classes, flexibility and pole and other cross trainings, she needed strength for pole.

Sandy Grace Soul Studio

When Sandy started her journey, she wasn’t very lucky due to the pauses she had to take for the pandemic, but she had a lot of loyal students who always found their way to her, and one of her students now developed into an instructor.

“Pole is not easy, and it’s very artistic. My friends are all studio owners and we’re close, yet we support each other. We empower each other, we don’t have competition at all.

If it was taken as competition I’d be so injured, and pole injuries are difficult. Pole takes a lot of patience, concentration, and effort. Pole gives me flexibility and strength.”

Challenges and worthy outcomes

Sandy faced a lot of challenges when she closed and opened back, things were hard, and now things are getting back slowly. she started her studio small, only 3 poles, because she wanted to build a small family community. Her own instructor calls her “Sandy school”, she’s very close to her heart, it was her way of supporting her.

“I know my way of learning was the best way, and I teach by it, but I always hear from my students beautiful and heartwarming feedback to my instructing. I am joyful they find themselves in pole.”

“I started with zero self-esteem and confidence, after 3-4 months I became another person.. completely.. all because of a cylindrical pole.”

“It’s not only strength, it’s coordination too. God created girls multitasking. I believe I’ll always be a student. I always read pole books, it’s a science and an art, always learning. There’s always room for more, more art, more knowledge, more improvement.”

Anyone, Anytime

Sandy Grace Soul Studio

“Pole has no age, or weight or restrictions. I’m 32 now, I started 27. My first instructor started in her late 30s. Pole is for everyone. It will make you fall in love with your body. It’s a lot about passion.My family were so supportive.  My aim or goal is huge: I want pole to go international like football with championships and fans and support. I hope people have the passionate mindset not the mainly competitive one.”

“I want it to be more accepted, understood, and supported. There is nothing shameful about it.” Historically men started pole, using wood, now things changed, why not come back?

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