Sara Seif Diving and Flying up and below!

Sara Seif el Nasr

Sara Seif, a 28 years old lady has dived right into the fitness world! Sarah started participating in sports in the year 2000. She dived headfirst into Pool diving from different distances ranging between 5,7,and 10 meters, with flips and all!

Sara Seif Sky Dive

In 2001 Sara added karate and speedball to her schedule, while staying put with pool diving. Three is better than one!  In 2009 Sara participated and won lots of championships in speedball. She ranked 1st , 2nd and 3rd in Egypt. Sara also aced the Arabic speedball championship ranking 1st and going big!

Sara Seif Sky Dive

After finishing her studies at the university, Sara started joining the gym and got into fitness as a hobby. In 2017, she flew abroad and flew right into flyboarding and skydiving. You might’ve spotted her in Mountain Dew’s commercial! She’s pretty interested in extreme sports, watersports activities and basically any adventure that gets the lady’s adrenaline rushing.

Sara Seif Sky Dive
Sara Seif El Nasr
Sara Seif Sky Dive

With all the variations and worlds that sports offer, which one or ones is/are your passion and muse?!

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