Say no to Sahel temptations

Stay Active in Sahel

It’s holiday time and the sun is out, the Sahel is calling! suddenly thoughts turn to belly rolls and
how to avoid them while you’re on the beach!

The holidays and family vacations are a particular problem. Junk food, desserts, and sweets, it
seems, will appear after every lunch and dinner, and you’re not particularly good at saying no
when everyone else is partaking.

But wait, you still can save yourself and maintain the flat tummy that you’ve been working on all
year long by easily doing the following:

Don’t stop training

Twenty minutes every other day will keep the tire at bay. You’re not going to lose weight on a
leisure trip, especially one focused on food, but you can come close to breaking even. Set aside
20 minutes every other morning, either in the gym or outside, to run, speed walk, do HIIT, yoga,
etc. I won’t suggest every day since that’s an unrealistic goal given early morning departures or
tours. And once you miss a few, discouragement sets it. But every other day is achievable.
Before breakfast, in the time it takes to scroll Facebook and post a few Instagram pics, you can
have your limbs flexed and your heart rate pumping. You’ll feel better throughout the day, and
eat healthier. When we feel bad or lethargic, we reach for the comfort of a chocolate croissant.
Feeling energized, you are more likely to order a green juice with a side of fruit.

Allow yourself a splurge meal

Just about anywhere you go on the planet, you can find indulgent local delicacies. And truly, you
should get an opportunity to enjoy these things. One of the greatest things about a vacation is
immersing yourself in the local culture. Just don’t over do it. Pick one meal, or one day, when you
are going to allow yourself to splurge. Consider this splurge to be the 20 percent element of the
80/20 rule. If you are healthy 80 percent of the time, you can make room for an indulgence.

Water, water, WATER!

Drink Water

It is important to bring water with you when you head out for the day. Staying hydrated will help
keep your metabolism humming but it can also prevent you from overeating. Dehydration often
masks itself as hunger, leading you to eat when you don’t really need to. Besides, if you are
spending your time in a sunny, warm climate, water will help you avoid the vacation ruining side
effects of heat exhaustion!

Stay active

Use the stairs

Forget the hotel elevator! Burn extra calories by taking the stairs instead, Take your regular
yoga practice to the sand. Even a long walk on the beach or through a beautiful park will inspire
you to keep on going!

Enjoy Yourself

No matter what you do or where you are going, enjoy yourself. High levels of stress produce
belly fat so make sure you take this opportunity to unwind and recharge. If you slip up a little,
remember that everyone makes mistakes. It’s all good. Brush yourself off and get back to it.


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