Seif el Din el Nokaly: An Engineer with a passion for CrossFit

Seif El Nokaly

Seif, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m Seif el Din el Nokaly, I am 34 years old Construction Engineer.  I started going to Crossfit stars back in 2013 just to lose a few kilos, but it changed my life.  Started coaching in the Bootcamp/Box in November the same year. I chose Stars back then as it was the first and only fitness venue. In early 2014 Coach Ramy Saleh started the Competitor’s Program, training a group of people not just for fitness but to be able to perform on a competition level, and I was lucky enough to be on that team. Since then my training has never been the same, my fitness level skyrocketed, and I ranked in the top 10 athletes in Egypt over the years in the Crossfit Opens.


What is it like coaching in stars?

Coaching and competing in Stars is NOT an easy task. I have to keep learning, developing, building myself day after day. As a coach I always need be able to teach new skills, fix old ones. Help my athletes with their setbacks and push them to improve and reach their goals. I learned how to spot small and minor details and help athletes or clients develop, mobility issues, strength, technique…etc. And as an athlete coach Ramy puts us through some mental and physical challenges on a daily basis evolving us as athletes and be one of the best athletes in Egypt, and one day the region.

Throughout the years, as a coach I handled several independent programs from coaching entry-level athletes, several fat loss programs, competitors program, the current gymnastics program in the box, and several special classes in the box. Currently, I am the lead coach acting as site head in Swan Lake after being the lead coach for the boot camp.


What are your goals for the future?

My goals are simple, to be able to grow as a coach and athlete for the coming years, and be able to keep doing what I am doing, progressing, keeping balance between my construction job, family life, being a father, coaching and an athlete.


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