Seven years, thousands of people: Balance gym changes lives

Balance Anniversary

Time flies! It feels like only yesterday Balance Gym came to life. This year, believe it or not, balance turns 7. During these past 7 years, Balance managed to become one of the game changers of the fitness scene. In celebration of their 7th anniversary, balance gym has many surprises planned. We are sure this year’s celebration is going to be just as awesome as it is every year, if not better.

The  celebration started today the 16th, they had their ‘set of seven’ at Sheraton’s branch. It is okay if you missed it because there is more. Over the coming weeks, there is going to be other events like a running competition, a physique challenge, a bodybuilding challenge, balance free membership challenge, a father and son challenge, and more. Even though you get to have a lot of fun, the purpose of these challenges is give back to the community. Follow balance gym for all the dates and locations.


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