Sherif El-Shafei’s Inspirational Story of Being a Certified Personal Trainer

Sherif El Shafei - Inspirational Story

 How did it start

“It all started when I decided to take care of my body shape in 2003 when I was 21 years old and I didn’t know where exactly to start, so I just went to a gym near my home and paid the membership fees which was 70 LE per month.” Said Sherif.


From 65 kilograms weight, and 185 cm length he started his journey

“I was very skinny, I am the kind of body that takes so much time to gain weight and lose them again so easily, it took me ages to see my first muscle and that was the day I started loving this sport.” He continued.
 Sherif El Shafei

Confusion about which opinion to follow, which one is myth and which one is real?

 Sherif El Shafei
“The problem was that I used to hear different opinions from each and every trainer I asked, so I decided to read more about this sport just to help myself get better results. In 2008 my body started to improve gradually, it looked shredded and I started to see real muscles, so I decided again to take it to the next level and start working out professionally, so I decided to study and learn more and more until I had that amount of information to enable me to look like a real physique/bodybuilder.” He added.

Sherif’s Certifications

Sherif El Shafei
“In 2009 I became certified with ISSA and fitness pro from world gym, London. Which includes nutrition, supplementation, steroids and personal training. My shape started to look much better and I looked more like a fitness model. My friends started to get back to me in anything related to fitness, bodybuilding and nutrition and then the circle started to get bigger and bigger and my friends of friends also started to ask for my advice. Then I decided to take this to a more advanced level and start making business out of it.” Said Sherif.

Performa Fitness – a program to help people transform their bodies

Performa Training
“I created “Performa fitness” the new concept which made a big difference in my life whereby I  provide the best transformation programs, Performa provides fitness and body building related information starting from the gym memberships, workout programs, nutrition programs, supplementation, and even the healthy food you need to reach your objective and be in shape. We outsource everything except the workout programs I write it myself after making the body assessment and knowing the client’s objective.” Explained Sherif.

How to contact?

“It’s easier now to get in shape, all you need to do is to follow me on instagram @sherifelshafei and send me a direct message, or send us a message on facebook Sherifelshafeiphysique1
and we will call you to provide you with all what you need to achieve your objective and transform in no time.”

I’m now trying to get more public and famous and I’m considering doing a TV show for transformation, That’s my dream project.

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