Sherif proves to the world zumba isn’t just for ladies

Sherif Zumba Main

Sherif lived in France for 20 years, where he studied physical education. He came back to Egypt 6 years ago.When he came back, Sherif started his own business; he opened ‘finesse’, a fitness and wellness center for ladies, to apply everything that he learned in France. That was one year before the 2011 revolution.

Four more branches, sherif found himself too busy with the operation; he completely drifted apart from sports, his real passion. This has put Sherif under so much pressure. He was really depressed back then. Two of sherif’s closest friends, samia allouba and Karim Strogo recommended that he tries Zumba. Only then Sherif found his true passion.

He didn’t stop there, sherif studied HR. He combined the two fields of Zumba and HR. Now, in addition to Zumba, Sherif helps people through life coaching. If you think about it, Sherif made an actual contribution to the field.


Sherif never stops working on new projects, he is currently focused on Indian aerobics and has many surprises happening soon. He has a  very special event coming up in Kempinski Hotel and another one in Hurghada that you can check out.

Sherif is married to a Russian. Although she is not a zumba instructor, she is a big part of all his dances and routines. He loves working with her. Sherif has over 250,000 followers on Facebook. You should definitely follow him.

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