Shoulders Workout – Intermediate Level

Shoulder Workout Intermediate

Shoulders workouts are a necessary thing, not only for your gym life, but mostly important for your real life. They definitely make arms movement easier, and thus easing endless actions you do everyday; when you lift a suitcase, when you hold your baby, and when you carry your supermarket bags.

Here is a shoulders workout routine for 5 weeks.

This workout is for Intermediate to advanced level
5 Weeks Workout.
Shoulders Workout
dumbbell shoulder press 4 Sets 10,8,8,6
front shoulder press machine 4 Sets 10,8,8,6
lateral raise dumbbell 4 Sets 10,8,8,6
butterfly rear deltoid 4 Sets 10,8,8,6
shrugs close grip dumbbells 4 Sets 12,12,12,12




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