Sigma Apparel: An invention to change the clothing industry forever

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There’s a new buzzword making the rounds in Egypt, specifically its fitness community, and that is ‘Sigma’. You may have come across their social media profiles during the past month or two, we did. Our curiosity contacted the founders to know a little bit more about this invention than everyone else.

Here’s what we found out; Sigma is founded by three Egyptian engineers. It’s an apparel brand, but with a twist; an engineered tech-wear. There first product is simply, cotton T-shirts and tops that are hmm dipped? Who knows, in some nano-technology material with some sort of hydrophobic properties?


‘Can you explain that in simpler words, please?’ we said. ‘Basically, our first Sigma product is a brand of clothing that repels liquids, stains, and odor which makes it the perfect option for the gym’. ‘We are aware that sweating in the gym is actually a good thing and it is permitted. However, that doesn’t mean that walking around in visible yellow stains is; it’s gross. The beauty of those trendy men and women workout cloth is no brainer. However, cleaning them after every workout is another story, a real pain’ said one of the partners. ‘This is where Sigma comes and solves a daily problem’. ‘The human race has been to outer space, but they haven’t done much about clothing’.

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Sigma mixes technology as well as good designs and colors, which makes it not just a great option for the gym, but also for the day to day life. ‘You’re definitely not going to change your whole wardrobe to Sigma, but imagine how much water and electricity will be saved if we got enough T-shirts in every home.’ said one of the founders.  ‘That’s what we are all about, being sustainable and eco-friendly.’

Their social media campaigns featured lots of celebrities and well-known athletes like Dalia El Amry, Mahmoud El Khateeb, Rama, Ana Maria, Mohamed Zakria, Nader, and Mostafa Medhat.


Who would’ve believed that such a thing was even possible? The good thing is, it started here in Egypt and soon to go international. Your workout buddy will be thrilled to hear all about ‘Sigma’.


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