Signs you should stop exercising immediately

Stop Exercising

Exercising is great, but sometimes you push so hard thinking you are doing your body a favor. This is not always the case. If you notice any of these signs while working out, you should stop immediately.

  1. Muscle Pain

We are not talking soreness here, whenever you feel sharp pain/swelling in a specific muscle or area in your body & if the pain increases, You should stop the exercise causing you pain & report to a doctor if the pain persists.

Pain is a sign of your body signaling a problem. We shouldn’t ignore those signs as they may lead to chronic injuries in our bodies.

2-Difficulty Breathing


A healthy person’s breathing rate during exercise gradually returns to normal shortly after the effort ends. However gasping for air after an exercise or being unable to speak may be a sign of a bigger problem. Breathing difficulties may be a sign of a respiratory problem or a heart/vessel disease. If you are just feeling out of breathe during an intense cardio exercise, that’s normal but always remember to keep breathing to get your body the oxygen needed.


If you decided suddenly to go from 0 to 100 in a workout, there is a high chance you might experience a light head or you might begin to feel you might pass out. The reason for your dizziness might be improper breathing techniques, which is the most common, or dehydration or low blood sugar.  Stop exercising immediately if you feel any symptoms of dizziness.


Tired 2

Its never a good idea to go for a high intense exercise if you are feeling sick. Working out while having a fever or a sore throat might worsen your symptoms & will make your healing time longer. Rest for a couple of days and before coming back to the game, Go for light to moderate exercises until you feel you have fully recovered.

5-Chest Pain

Chest pain can come from a heart problem. There is a probability that your heart tissue is not getting enough oxygen & it also means that you might be in real danger. Stop immediately & consult a doctor before attempting to do any exercise.


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