Some hidden calories in your salad

Hidden Calories

Some mixed vegetables and you are making a healthy choice. However salad might not always be equal to healthy! There are some items that can add some calories to your salad without you paying attention.


  • Olive oil

    olive oil

It’s always perceived as a healthier alternative to sunflower oil or corn oil as it contains healthy unsaturated fats that reduce bad cholesterol. But everything if not taken by moderation will be transferred to extra calories. A tablespoon of olive oil contains 119 calories, so make sure to just drizzle some olive oil on your salad.


  • Corn

    corn salad

As long as it’s a vegetable, it’s healthy, not necessarily! It’s a starchy vegetables that is high in carbs. Your healthy salad shouldn’t contain more than a half cup of it.


  • Tuna

    tuna salad

It’s a healthy combination of protein and unsaturated fat. But make sure to buy an oil free one or drain it.


  • Nuts


They are a good addition to your salad. However, if you will choose ones rich in omega-3, then stick to 2 tablespoons. Omega-3 is beneficial, but fatty too.


  • Sun-dried tomatoes


As we said before, not because it’s vegetables, it’s healthy. Fresh tomatoes are, but sun-dried ones is very high in sodium.


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