Spring Flings and Easter Things

Happy Easter

When spring have sprung, and our shutters have become unshut, that’s when we celebrate our ancient pharaonic holiday, Easter, or “Sham El Neseem”. From the Arabic name, we see it translates to “ smell the breeze”, the air full of scents of recovered roses, or even fertile soil and green grass. To balance the sudden onset of misty spring-y perfumes, we prepare our very special April breakfast feast!

Salted mullet fish, “ feseekh”, which are prepared a month before, herrings, sardines, rainbow colored eggs, plates of green vegetables and onions, bunny shaped chocolates, and 1000 liters of water and lemonade; that is almost everything on the dining table, or the picnic cloth, this April morning.

Now, before we get excited about the mouthwatering breakfast, we should consider how our bodies will react to it.


Feseekh gets ready a month before the national holiday by its manufacturers. The fish is not cooked, but salted and stored in tins, this makes the fish a perfect host for the Clostridium botulinum toxin.

  • It is preferred to fry the fish for 10 minutes, to deactivate the toxin!
  • Buy your fish from a trusted supplier to ensure the storage conditions were fine!

Feseekh isn’t a hypertensive person’s friend at all, the amount of salt is massive, and would also become a load on a diseased kidney.

  • You could wash the fish with vinegar and lemon, or better off, switch to smoked herrings!

Smoked Herrings

Happy Easter

The safer, smoked option on our table. Neither does it contain too much salt, nor does it house any toxins because it’s served hot and smoked!

Colorful eggs

Art is always lovely, and so are colors, but natural is always the answer if it concerns our bodies, so keep in mind the healthy alternatives.

  • Yellow : Turmeric
  • Pink : Beets
  • Purple: Blueberries
  • Green: Spinach


That’s how our ancestors screamed “water!”, so remember to hydrate after that salty massacre!

Happy Easter, The Feast of Shmo (The revival of life), and Tshom Ni Sime (gardens and meadows.) !

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