Sprint Active Wear fights xenophilia, made in Egypt!

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Many of us might have watched the TV campaign that aired during Ramadan featuring how people judged differently in 2 similar situations when in the first the action was made by a foreigner and the in the second it was taken by an Egyptian . This campaign aim was to change the misconception of xenophilia when it comes to actions and products, in specific. We always see that imported products are with no doubt better than Egyptian made ones. We, as Egyptians, are not willing to try any Egyptian product and see the result and the main reason is that we don’t believe in ourselves! We don’t believe we can do something better than foreigners, we don’t believe we can win at many levels. That’s why Sprint Active Wear chose “BELIEVE IN YOURSELF” as their slogan.


They believed in themselves

Sprint Active wear is a local Egyptian brand for sports and active wear. It provides a various range of active wear; tank tops, tennis skirts and dresses, hoodies, pants, shorts, and more. The products are manufactured in Egypt with international standards in terms of quality, trend, and features.

Sprint Active Wear

The team behind Sprint Active Wear believed in themselves and decided to enter a market that doesn’t have a very good reputation in Egypt. They chose to work in products that most people generally prefer to buy them from well- known International brands. They took the challenge of changing the concept of Egyptian products and proving that they are able to compete with International ones. That’s why “BELIEVE IN YOURSELF” is the most expressive slogan for them. This slogan not only expresses how they were confident to invest in such difficult market, but also expresses the positive energy and motivation they are trying to spread among athletes. One of their main aims is to help athletes gain confidence in themselves whether their goal is just losing weight or winning an international championship. They are helping with the sportswear they provide to make exercise time easier.


Egyptian made, high quality, affordable price

Can they co-exist?

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No one can be asked to buy a product just to encourage the national industry, Sprint Active Wear is a high quality brand above all. Sprint Active Wear is distinguished by the FABRICS they use. It’s one of the very few if not the only Egyptian sportswear brand that uses the certified fabrics for sportswear. They work with the same professional advanced specs of sportswear fabrics that are used by International brands. These specs aim to make the body comfortable during the workout which is a very important aspect when it comes to choosing sportswear.


Sprint Active Wear fabrics have moisture control methods applied to ensure the instant absorption of moisture to keep the body dry. They are also specialized with certain features that make them one of the best choices:

  • Good air and water vapor permeability.
  • Rapid moisture absorption and conveyance capacity.
  • Absence of dampness.
  • Rapid drying to prevent catching cold.
  • Dimensionally stable even when wet.
  • Durable
  • Breathable and comfortable.
  • Lightweight
  • Soft and pleasant touch.


Sprint Active Wear is a good choice when it comes to buying day-to-day wear also because the moisture control methods, so they will be very convenient in travelling and outdoor activities.


Sprint Active Wear also customizes outfits for useful causes to the society. They previously provided uniforms for an NGO against harassment.

Sprint Active Wear

How can you purchase the products?


You have 2 ways:

-You can order online through Jumia


-Or buy from Pro Shop inside Kattameya Heights which makes it easier for all BeFitters.

If you trained by hard and took all the necessary steps, there is no meaning to believe that your Western opponent would definitely beat you in the championship. If you really believe in your abilities and you are a pure Egyptian creation, then it’s time to believe that you can meet him with an Egyptian made sportswear. Try Sprint Active Wear!

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