Stars Throwdown, more than an opening ceremony

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Ordinary people might celebrate an opening of a new venue with music and cocktail drinks, but when CrossFitters celebrate it, it always include a challenge.

Last Feb 11th, we were at the grand opening of a new box of Stars Sports Health and Fitness at Mountain View, New Cairo in partnership with In The Zone Sports. The opening celebration was in the from of a Throwdown with big prizes ranging from 3 K Egyptian pounds to 9 K Egyptian pounds. The competition was categorized professionally to Elite and Scaled categories each comprising 3 teams.

A challenging atmosphere dominated the day, everybody was anticipating and was taking it seriously, otherwise they couldn’t have managed to survive for 13 hours! Some performances were quite distinguished like those of Muhammad El Deeb, Diana Fathy, Cavio, and Rana El Deeb.

Meanwhile, far from the intense atmosphere of a CrossFit competition, but not far away, others where enjoying other fitness activities like yoga, spinning, zumba, and some freestyle football with Yorok Free Style  in the fresh air surrounded by the beautiful green scenery.

It was a fruitful day, CrossFit maniacs challenged themselves before anyone else and some were rewarded, others worked out and had fun in a nice relaxing atmosphere. Mostly important we won a new CrossFit box.


Keep Calm and CrossFit!

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