Strong enough for Tire flippin?

Strong enough for Tire flippin

Don’t you just get all excited when you read the word “Tireflips” on the whiteboard at your gym?  It’s always fun to incorporate unconventional equipment in your training such as battle ropes, climbing ropes or gigantic tires!

Tire flips are a great piece of equipment for improving your conditioning and your strength. It’s one of the best full body exercises and the best thing about it is that it enhances your performance in all kinds of sports. It requires explosive power and force from your legs  (quadriceps and gluteus).


tire flipping


If you are an absolute beginner to strength and conditioning training then you’re not ready yet for the Tire Flips. Tire flips require both proper technique and a solid foundation of strength so you don’t get injured and benefit from the workout. You have to earn it first.

There are some factors you need to take into consideration before you Tire Flip.



tire flipping

You have to develop strong legs (quads and gluteus) and a strong back. At this point you should be doing a lot of Squats (Back Squats and Front Squats), Deadlifts and pull-ups.



tire flipping

Technique is crucial at this point. If you mess your technique once, you could get injured especially if you’re going to lift a heavy tire for the first time. I would recommend you start with a very light tire to practice good technique and form until you master it, then you move to the heavy ones.

Stand with your feet more than shoulder width. Place your fingers and hands as far under the tire and keep your hands about shoulder width apart. Keep you back tight and lean your upper body into the tire. Squat down and then while pulling the tire up with your arms and back explode out of the bottom position. When the tire comes up, change your hands position to push the tire over. Keep your body close to the tire all the time. Immediately after the tire is pushed over and flat, start the process again.

It is very important to know that the movement is generated from the legs and lower body not from the arms. If you start attempting to lift the tire using your arms only, you’ll get injured.
Some tires are heavy and very big that you won’t be able to lift it any higher than your waist, that’s when you could use one of your knees against the tire to assist your handing while pushing it to complete the flip.


Tire weight

tire flipping

For strength and conditioning
  • Female athletes would ideally flip 350-pound tires.
  • Male athletes would flip 450-pound tires.
For fitness and getting a good full body workout
  • Female athletes would flip 200-pound tires.
  • Male athletes would flip 300 pounds tires.

Tire flips come in different sizes and weights so before you even touch it, you should tell your coach your main goal out of your tire flipping workout and your fitness background so he/she how would recommend the proper weight for you and you’d enjoy a great workout.

Now get ready to get your hand dirty for some serious tire flipping!


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