Suicide Prevention Awareness Month Guide


“When you don’t have the strength to take another step, ask those you love to pull you.”

Every Mind Matters

September happens to be the national suicide prevention awareness month, we ask all our readers, athletes, and professionals to help us spread prevention awareness. We all swing along life’s ups and downs, and some days are more bearable than others. It is with no doubt that every individual has their own distinguished capacity. For the ones we lost before we could save, whether we know their names or not, let us now help save anyone going through a hard time, even if that someone is just ourself!

Body to Mind-Mind to Body

suicide prevention

Some of the known causes of suicide is loss of a loved one, family history, stress, depression etc. Most reported cases show that everyone who has attempted suicide has an underlying mental health condition that is not too unnoticed. Almost everyone with a mental health illness experiences physical symptoms, and that is when help is most needed. Excessive stress and depression let our minds send signals to our bodies, we feel tired, restless, scared, our heartbeats soar up high, migraines kick in, our vision blurs, and our systems start to malfunction with the little energy they have left.

Taking a Step

suicide prevention

Although in our culture some people still believe that it is somewhat shameful to seek guidance, the awareness is rising gradually with the new generations. The power is always in NOW, the present is when you should start taking the first step. Check in on yourself, listen to your body, your mind, and provide back! Talking to a counsellor does not mean there is something wrong with you, it just means there are thoughts you either need to organize, or things you need to heal from. 

Taking Another Step

If you prefer to handle things on your own, then let’s count the ways you could be your own best counselor! 

Let’s move 

suicide prevention

Whatever physical exercise you fancy most, movement is certainly a mood booster. Whether your go to exercise is MMA, Cross-Fit, dancing, weightlifting, or walking, your body will thank you in countless ways.

Yoga and meditation 

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Study swears that yoga and meditation lessen stress and other mental health illness. Yoga and meditation help you recharge, connect, and become more self-aware. Find the nearest studio to you and drop in frequently, there is nothing more beautiful the mastering the art of calm and presence.

Join a mental wellness Club/Organization

suicide prevention

There is nothing more comforting and fruitful like a support system, some clubs and organizations host sessions, workshops, meetings, retreats, and provide toolkits to help every individual, like The Mala, Roof Flow, and woosh club, which also hosts a handful of free sessions and guidance!

Remember that YOU are in control more than you believe. “You matter more than you’ll ever know.”

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