Sukun- The Online Platform for Your Serenity and Inner Peace

Sukun Yoga Platform

Sarah Abdeloniem was scheduled to sign a physical space for her yoga studio only 2 days after everything had closed due to the COVID-19 situation. After the news, all she could do was cancel and wait. She eventually resorted to doing live classes on Instagram while simultaneously building the identity of her platform to win herself some time until everything opens back up.

Sara Abdel Moneim - Sukun

One day she thought “why do I need to wait for the physical studio, why not make a virtual one?” It started out as an idea but quickly took action. Sarah could see that the biggest problem in our society right now is mental health, even if we do not always acknowledge it, and thus came the idea of Sukun. The concept behind the name “Sukun” stretches out to more than just the physical aspect of peace and serenity; the aim is to instill the idea that one’s mind can take him or her to so many places, and neglecting mental health can lead to worries, anxiety, depression, and stress. Sarah was especially excited to make an exclusively virtual online platform; not a physical studio that went online due to COVID.

She quickly called Nina Kabbany, Laila M. Farouk, and Mariam Bakry; the 3 lovely ladies Sarah likes to call “The Early Believers”. These 3 beautiful ladies believed in the idea and joined Sarah on her Sukun journey, where the 4 became the first-ever Sukun instructors. Sarah’s two best friends Yasmine and Sara took the roles of set director and art director, and Omar Mano and Hussein joined the team as directors. Sukun is built on professionalism and excellence and, to accomplish that, Sarah needed a proper crew, microphone, camera, and a well-thought-of setting.

Nina Kabany - Sukun

Sukun offers content that helps you go through both mental and physical changes. It was created as a means for you to connect with your true self and find your happiness and peace of mind. Sukun offers online live classes, but what truly makes it stand out is its premium quality recorded classes. It currently offers yoga, pilates, and meditation podcasts, and will very soon be launching private, semi-private, and online workshops and events as well as performance and progress feedback options. When the world opens back up, Sukun will be planning retreats. The platform is a website at the moment but an app is currently under construction.

Mariam Bakry

Subscription is very simple and straightforward: you pay 470 EGP and get unlimited access to your own studio of top tier online classes and meditation podcasts from the comfort of your home.

Sukun is still growing, and more people are joining the team and signing up for the classes by the minute. The accessibility and convenience factors to Sukun are the key to its expansion even when all this is over. Again, it was specifically created as an online platform, not a physical platform that went online. Sukun aims to grow abroad and to spread the Egyptian brand all over the world. Check them out and sign up for some next level content.

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