Summer Detox Drinks Part 2

Summer Detox pt 2

Most people do not drink enough water throughout the day; which as we all know is very harmful for our bodies. Here are some Detox Water recipes that will put you back on track with the true serum of life.

The Refreshing lemon mint Detox water

Lemon and mint is a very refreshing summer drink.  This recipe is a classic and ideal for weight loss as lemons are rich in vitamins.


4 Cups of water (Filtered, purified or mineral totally your choice)

1 Lemon or lime (You can use both depends on how strong you want it to taste)

A handful of fresh mint leaves

Ice cubes


Slice up your lime/lemon into slices then add them to the pitcher

Pour in the water.

Gently twist the mint leaves so that the oil could be released slowly but do not damage the leaves.

Add ice cubes

Leave it for two to three hours max in the fridge.

P.S. For more flavor and nutritional value you can add watermelon, strawberries or cucumber to this recipe.


The Beau Glow Skin Apple Mint Detox Water

Every component in this recipe helps improve your entire body systems and organs, but most of all keeps you glowing and gives you beautiful skin to die for.


4 cups of water

1 apple sliced

1 strawberry sliced

1 Lemon

A handful of fresh mint leaves

1 cinnamon stick

Ice cubes


Add the sliced apples, strawberries and half of the lemon juice into the pitcher before adding the water

Add two cups of water then gently twist the mint leaves, toss in the cinnamon stick and pour in the rest of the water.

Allow the drink to sit in the fridge two to four hours.

P.S. Keep this detox water part of your everyday plan and enjoy more beautiful, glowing, and clearer skin.

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