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Suicide Prevention Awareness Month Guide

“When you don’t have the strength to take another step, ask those you love to pull you.” Every Mind Matters September happens to be the national...
Eat and Workout Sherifa el Nahas

Eating and Excersise: Your Food Guide To Training

Diet, weight loss, muscle building, and exercise are subjects of much debate. We will look at the ways that the nutrients and movement combine then utilize...
Deeb Main

4 things that you can do now to lose weight other than eating less

Before raising your hopes up thinking that there is some secret in this article that will help you lose weight without being in a...
Fitness Double Lives

Jobs in the morning and fit at night: 17 athletes who lead double-lives

Bahaa El Brolosy   Morning: Mechatronics Engineer Night: A trainer, athlete, and a Co-founder at Fitiology. Time management tip: Prioritize wisely Omar Mohsen   Morning: Marketing Manager in one of the mobile...
Self Care Main

How to take care of your mind & body? The secrets of self-care revealed

Self-care should be practiced on a daily basis, in one form or another. There are hundreds of ideas when it comes to self-care. Today...
Saftely Tanning

Get your tan on for summer 2018, safely

Nothing beats a natural tan. Well, only when done right. We all wait for summer impatiently to sit by the beach or the pool,...
Sleeping and Immunity Main

How does sleep affect the immune system?

Did you know that lack of sleep can make us sick more often? What is the relation? The link here is our immune systems....
Ka7k article

How many calories are in each of the popular Eid sweets?

This is a quick guide to how many calories each Eid sweet has. Remeber that moderation is key. If you pay attention to what you...
Fasting Power

Fast Feast Sleep into Fast & Fuel Up for a Fitter You

Advicetips and advices
The impact of fasting on our bodies was previously misunderstood and somewhat unexplored however a recent wave of studies has revealed some unexpected findings. Although...
Ramadan Healthy Tips

Tips to recreate your favorite Ramadan treats

The different local bakeries and patisseries are always in search of creative Ramadan sweets to shower us every year. Even though we all want...
Female Fitness in Ramadan

Female Fitness in Ramadan

With the rise in popularity of exercise among women in Cairo, some women are using Ramadan as a chance to start a new, healthier...
Ramadan Tips - Anna-2018

Exercise tips to step up your game in Ramadan 2018

Ramadan is a holy month of spiritual rebirth and many people use this opportunity to bring not only their spirituality but their physical development...

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