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Saftely Tanning

Get your tan on for summer 2018, safely

Nothing beats a natural tan. Well, only when done right. We all wait for summer impatiently to sit by the beach or the pool,...
Ladies Gyms in Heliop

5 Ladies only gyms and fitness studios in Heliopolis

Ladies of Heliopolis, no more excuses. We have gathered 10 of the best gyms and fitness studios in the area for you. Pack your...
Celeb Butt Main

Hollywood celebrities butts that didn’t come by luck

A beautiful body is an issue for all women. They always look for celebrities figures and fantasize about them. Remember 2 things a sexy...
Cairo Best Spa

Cairo’s Best Spas and Health Clubs

There comes a time that you feel stressed, bored, and in a great need of something that cools you and turns your relaxation mood on....
Stay Beautifull in Summer

Stay Beautiful For The Summer

Girls Ramadan is over and t’s time for celebration with family , friends and most of all it’s the time to jazz up your makeup...
Fashionista Main

Spotting sports wear from our favorite fashionistas

Between sore muscles and pursuing breaths, women will still love to be fashionable during working out. No better icons to take after for this...
Mean Girls

5 shades of not getting enough sleep

  Whether you're health conscious or not, sleep tends to be the last thing in your priorities. Many of us started paying attention to what...
Hala Serag el din

Hala Serag El Din is taming the love of food

Yes healthy is the new sexy! But is it that easy in a country like ours who are raised to have french fries sandwiches for...
Beauty and Beast Main

9 women that have The Beauty & The Beast inside

For many years women who lift weights have been labeled as mannish or tomboys. However, those 5 fitness figures along with many others preceded...

7 fit, healthy, and beautiful relationships

While many people fascinate about Kinda Aloush and Amr Youssif, we're quite fond of some relationships that might not be much famous, but represent...
Sexy Main

Top 11 sexy athletes of 2016

The world is full of sexy celebrities. However, the celebrities featured in this article are all international athletes who have their own professional sports...
Moms Main

7 mothers that didn’t eat for two

"I'm eating for two." The common defense most mothers use during pregnancy so they can eat whatever they like without feeling guilty. However, it's...

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