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Yoga Locations Main 2

Top yoga studios in Cairo: unleash your inner yogini

Yoga has become so popular lately, thanks to its incredible stress relieving effect, as well as being a simple plain workout routine that anyone...
Sigma main

Sigma Apparel: An invention to change the clothing industry forever

There’s a new buzzword making the rounds in Egypt, specifically its fitness community, and that is ‘Sigma’. You may have come across their social...
Train Properly Main

Train properly, Remain healthier

Some stuff you think you are right while telling them, but the fact is, you are terribly mistaken. You were hurting your joints and...
Hala Serag el din

Hala Serag El Din is taming the love of food

Yes healthy is the new sexy! But is it that easy in a country like ours who are raised to have french fries sandwiches for...
Pilates back pain Main

The forgotten cure of back pain, Pilates

How many people suffer from back pain? How many go to the doctor and are advised to do physiotherapy or take care of the...
Lemon Detox

14 day detox system for losing belly fat

Belly fat is a common irritating problem for many women. They might neglect during Winter. Winter will end soon and you will find yourself...

9 things you should eat immediately before sleeping

Many advise you to avoid eating before bedtime. But few will advise you that eating certain foods can help you sleep well which contributes...
PMS and Workout

Working out and Pmsing, can they co-exist?

This time of the month seems to all of us the lowest energy and bearing time. You feel you don't want to leave the...
Lentil Soup

The irreplaceable warm bowl of lentil soup

Lentil soup has always been a warm-hearted companion in Winter. Perfectly it's not just an indulging soup, it has endless benefits for your health...

Yalla Build Strength & Beauty – Women’s Retreat in Sahel

Do you find yourself competing with other women? Do you forget to take care of yourself for the sake of success? Do you want to be...

Heal your Relations, Meditate for LOVE Workshop with Kholoud

If you want your family to be happy and open and if you want to live in a community that feels like family, you...

Yalla Ignite Metabolism & Burn Fat the Yogic Way – Ladies

Many of us struggle with excess fat, especially in the tummy area. If you want to lose excess fat and improve your metabolism, then...

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