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Work at Home

8 reasons to workout at home

All of us spend many hours everyday at home playing with our mobile phones or watching TV, and when we decide to go to...
Sprint Main

Sprint Active Wear fights xenophilia, made in Egypt!

Many of us might have watched the TV campaign that aired during Ramadan featuring how people judged differently in 2 similar situations when in...
Fasting Problems

6 common health problems during fasting & their solutions

Although fasting has many physical benefits, our messy lifestyle make us suffer from some health problems during Ramadan. In this article we're tackling the...

Are you ready for Ramadan?

Few days and Ramadan will be here and getting ready for it doesn’t mean a schedule stick on the fridge with the new recipes...
Yoga Poses Main

How Yoga Changed My Life

"How yoga changed your life?" This was the answer when Yalla Yoga asked their students to take a photograph in the streets of the most...
Acro Yoga

Let Your Mind Calm Down with AcroYoga Retreat Camp

Escape from the city, and let your mind calm down, and allow your body to tone with the nature, for a weekend of Yoga...
Got Stress Try Yoga

Got Stress? Try Yoga

The word “Stress” is becoming an essential part of our every day’s cycle. No matter what age group you are, you will probably get...
Irritating Gym Habits

Irritating Gym Habits

The gym never stops memberships, even if over capacity.  This means that there is always a variety of gym members with different workout routines....
Find Happiness

5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Happiness

Ever thought that your current problems are not the end of the world; that there are things you can actually do to get out...
Massage Types

Different types of Massage

Nobody says no to a relaxing massage session, where every inch of your body just loosens up, and all of your senses wake up...

Rana El-Hariri – Online Fitness Programs

Rana Program
1- Customized program – Design Your Body! 2- Hip Dip Filler. 3- Booty building & Booty lifting. 4- Chest Up. 5- Get them, Sexy ARMS!

Train with Ash

Alaa Ashmawi
Coach Allaa Ashmawi Certified Fitness coach, Athlete & Health Enthusiast who had a weight loss transformation journey, jumped into the Fitness industry since 2013. Her first aim as a Fitness coach is to coach you on how to lead...

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