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ELFIT Beach Warriors

Who can say no to a good ol' teams competition by the beach? Literally no one. Going beyond the regular fitness competitions, ELFIT Beach Warriors will...
Crossfit Open

These 3 Egyptians excelled at Kuwait Open

On the 3rd and fourth of February, the fitness scene witnessed the 'Kuwait Open'. The Kuwait Open is a CrossFit competition; it gets held at...
Balance Anniversary

Seven years, thousands of people: Balance gym changes lives

Time flies! It feels like only yesterday Balance Gym came to life. This year, believe it or not, balance turns 7. During these past 7 years,...
Effl Main League

EFFL – The Egyptian Functional Fitness League

We know our followers pretty well; we know they are fond of competitions and being part of big challenges. This is why today we...
Kamal Bodybuilding and physique

Is ‘Physique’ becoming the new ‘Bodybuilding’?

We conducted an interview with the Musclemania champ Ahmed Kamal and asked him about the difference between body building and physique. He shared lots...

Farida Osman: Winner of Egypt’s First Swimming World Championship Medal

On Saturday the 29th of July Farida Osman won Egypt’s first ever swimming world championship Medal!  The 22-year-old participated at FINA Swimming World Championships in...
Corporate Games Main

A Team-bonding event at its best, seen at Egypt Corporate Games!

On the 13th of May marked the first ever Egypt Corporate Games to happen in the country! 14 of the biggest corporate names in...
Transforma Pink Main

All about the African Clash 2017

Friday the 19th of May marks a very important day in the history of our female American football national team, pink warriors. The Egyptian...
Rise Main

Rise of hers: The day we celebrated women

Hers gym just turned 5! For 4 years now they have been surprising us with great parties and greater causes. This year wasn’t any less...

Hegazy, First egyptian to swim from Jordon to Taba

Most of us have gone through painful moments. Moments that felt like the end of the world. Moments we thought we've reached rock bottom...
Street Games

Street Games – Volume 5, start from wherever you are

Few weekends ago, the Street Games - Volume 5 took place at Fitiology branch in New Cairo. Some of you might have went there, many...

3asab, a champion proves that age and injuries are just nothing

"Age is just a number." Many sports champions have proven it along the years. This time we have a champion that is proving that...

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