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Drink yourself Clean!

DetoxNatural Foods
Because we are exposed daily to natural risk factors, like pollution, chemicals, heavy metals, and cancerous substance that put us at risk of intoxication, accumulating our...

The Difference Between Simple & Complex Carbohaydrates

Carbohydrates are sugars that come into 2 main forms; simple & complex. The difference here is how simply & quickly it is digested through your...
Hala Serag el din

Hala Serag El Din is taming the love of food

Yes healthy is the new sexy! But is it that easy in a country like ours who are raised to have french fries sandwiches for...
Lemon Detox

14 day detox system for losing belly fat

Belly fat is a common irritating problem for many women. They might neglect during Winter. Winter will end soon and you will find yourself...

6 places to buy fresh, organic, and healthy food

As healthy is becoming the new sexy, everybody is becoming conscious about their health. Many people has transformed their lifestyle and started changing their eating...
Wedding Workout Main

10 quick tips to look amazing in your wedding dress

We all want to look great in the big day, we want to look slim and fit. However, time always steals us and we...

Heal your Relations, Meditate for LOVE Workshop with Kholoud

If you want your family to be happy and open and if you want to live in a community that feels like family, you...

Yalla Ramadan Nights

This Ramadan, we have many programs to offer before or after the sunset when we will break our fasts together. Yalla let's celebrate Ramadan...

Yalla Purify your soul this Ramadan (in 4 weeks)

Purification (shaucha) is a central aim of all the yogic practices. Thousands of years ago, yogis discovered that impurities in our internal body adversely...

Yalla Crunch that Hunger before Iftar

Jump onto the yoga mat before Iftar to BREAK A SWEAT before you BREAK YOUR FAST! A yoga practice that is moderately challenging will keep...

Are you ready for Ramadan?

Few days and Ramadan will be here and getting ready for it doesn’t mean a schedule stick on the fridge with the new recipes...
Detox Water Recipes

3 Healthy Detox Water Recipes

Do you need an effective natural cleanser to clean up the mess that has been happening to your body? Maybe you are not well...

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